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Sorry Guys....I know this is a HELL OF A DELAY!!! But had so amny things to work..piano lessons...blah blah blah...
So here it is.. the 3rd Chapter...

Chapter 3

Norah's POV

I kept staring at the wolf. It was beutiful, in a way..
The the wolf suddenly became alert..
It stopped staring and turned its back on me. Where was it going?? Was it leaving me? I wanted to shout, tell the wolf not to go but I had no strength to shout, let alone run after the wolf.
Why was it going? Then I thought...
Why did I want it to stay? It was a big, fierce wolf..that didn't kill me...
I felt so protected under its huge colossal body. Like others couldn't hurt me when it was around. I felt warm..warm in a nice way, like I had some hope left in my nearly ended life. I didn't want it to go.

I won't quit!!! I WONT QUIT !!!!!!!
I gathered all my strength and uttered the word "Please??"
It stopped for a moment but continued towards the bushes..I watched as the great, sandy wolf disappeared towards the bushes..
I was lying on the ground..hoping that the wolf would come back, but it didn't..
Tears rolled down my face again..But then again,I heard footsteps..human one's..came closer..
I could see a dark haired boy. without a shirt, just cut off the time of my fast approaching death..I could not help but think that the guy was hot..Then it came upon me..
WHEN A PERSON IS ABOUT TO DIE, THEY START FANTASIZING!! He was an angel..I looked up at him and whispered " Angel??" To my suprise..he blushed..He took me in his arms..OH! MY! GOSH!
The Angel was holding me in his arms?? Surely I was on the verge of dying..But my heart was beating faster..
Must be my imagination..But I longed so much to touch his angelic face that I couldn't resist. I used the little strength that I had in me to raise my bloody hand to touch his face..Electric Shock!!! That's how it felt. I noticed thet his body was warm, no too hot for a human..
He started running!!! So fast!! It aws inhuman...OK!! So I was dead..
If he was trying to save my life..The hospital was too far away..We were nearly at La Push..Whether I was dead or not..It felt gud to be in his arms, with him. WITH MY ANGEL!!
The trees were flying past us, I was suprised that we didn't hit a tree, he couldn't be human..An angel surely..He ran as if his life was at stake..What make him pick up a stranger who was about to die??
Oh!!! I must be dead..Maybe tha fantasizing thing is happening...If I am dying then I'm lucky enough to die in the arms of my angel..Wait.. MY ANGEL?? Dunno..but it felt as if I belonged to him..and he belonged to me..didn't know where that sense of belonging came from..
I clung to his bare chest as he made his way through the forest I looked up at his face, he was thinking about something..He was sooo lovely..
We ran, he ran I mean...I didn't care where he was taking me, as long as I was with him..
Hey guys..M posting Seth's POV in another article...It will be " Chapter 4- Part 2"
Hope U lyked it!!
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