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Bella's pov

Well it had been 10 years since we fought off the Voulturi to save Nessie.She stopped ageing a few years ago but we didnt go to school for a few years because we wanted to be positive she wouldnt age but were going back this year. Carlisle is in the office enrolling us in school right now,Nessie is being 16 along with me and Edward and Alice.Rosalie,Emmet and Jasper are being 17.Carlisle had came out with the principal Mrs.Brown the door had said but she introduced herself anyways "Hello my name is Mrs.Brown." We nodded uor heads in aknowledgements."well here are your schedules." She handed us each a peice of paper with our classes I had most of my classes with Edward surprizingly including gym which was good because even though my strength went down i was still in-humanly strong and Edward would help me out with that.Before we had gotten to school Alice had said that we shouldnt show that were all "together together" and as she said this Edward was laughing his head off which is kinda making me really suspicious but I trust him.Alice is explaining this to us at lunch what exactly is going on cause most of us are really confused. me and Edward are heading off to our first class right now."Bella whats wrong you look distracted." "Oh I am. I'm confused what does Alice mean.""Bella Alice will tell you at lunch by the way I'm not sitting with you today at lunch.""Wow now I will be even more distracted."Don't worry I'll tell you when the teacher is talking."The first half of the day wasn't that bad.Me and alice were walking to the cafetiria and thanks to Alice I have had at least 10 boys had hit on me and it's torcher.Well me and Alice out of the cullens were the first ones there and then Edward came in and sat at a table right across from us and we split in to 2 groups boys and girls Nessie was a little sad that Jacob isn't here yet.Alice said that Jacob would arrive in a few minutes because everything went blank so while we were waiting Alice explained to us what was going on and she told us if we made it look like we weren't dating eachother 4 boys were going to ask us out and all the guys were in on it now and were fine and Jacob had come in during the explaning and thats when the boys came over to come ask us out."Hey ladies did you want to come out with us to a movie after school" we all giggled."I'm sorry bu you're just not our type.""Well what kinda guy is your type."Thats when Edward and Jasper,Jacob and Emmet came over."Excuse me gentlemen"And they all gave us our kisses we been waiting for."Hey we were just asking them out""Well to bad they're our girlfriends.So back off.""oh you just got caught hitting on already taken girls."Thats when i smelt that smell.
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Renesmee "Nessie" Carlie Cullen is the half-vampire, half-human daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, born on September 10, three days before Bella's nineteenth birthday in Breaking Dawn. Her name is derived from the amalgamation of the names of Bella's mother, Renée, and Edward's adoptive mother, Esme. Her middle name, Carlie, is a combination of the names Carlisle, Edward's adoptive father, and Charlie, Bella's father. She has the same facial features and hair color as Edward, but has her grandfather, Charlie Swan's, curly hair, and brown eyes like Bella. Bella and Jacob describe her...
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Hello ladies lets have a debate!! Team Edward or Team Jacob?!?! Why do you like that character better than the other? What is you favorite quote from Edward or Jacob(doesn't have to be your favorite characters quote!)Are you in love with that character? Do you like there actor that plays him(i know i do!!) Voice your choice!!

P.S These are my answers: I like Edward better because he is sensitive and protective. My favorite quote is "Do i dazzle you?" i am in love with Edward!! Duh, i like Robert Pattinson!!
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