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posted by boy123
Erica Albahour
Erica Albahour
Name: Erica Albahour
Age: 18
Crush: Duncan
Bio: Erica Is 18 She was born in Rochester has 5 sisters and 4 brothers Crystal Jessica Ashely Jillian and Brooke and Jake Josh Daniel and John!
Her Family Is Rich But Not A Rude Rich Family a very nice one loves flowers!

Personality: Sweet Kind Nice Thoughtful Caring Loveable Smart

Likes: Being Rich Nice People Contests Games singing dancing music drawing playing chocolate tv computers birthdays holidays Victorious Flowers!

Dislikes: Mean people

Audition: Hi im Erica I'm rich and a cheerleader and love games here is a cheer Lets Go Dragons Lets Go!!! You...
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posted by tdafan121
*a set resembling a larger and more black-and-white Aftermath set with a full-legnth window backdrop of Seattle appears*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Total Drama fan peeps, are you ready to get Totally Interviewed!? Let's give it up for an OC host who knows how to pull a prank, Khione Borealis!

*Khione walks onto the set and sits on a small white couch dotted in black that stands across from a black couch dotted white. A white table has a stack of blank index cards perched on it*

Khione: Hello people of Fanpop, Fanfiction, or wherever the heck I'm broadcasting to! This is Totally Interviewed!,...
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Chris: remaning 6 contstends report to the kichen now!


Ray: So what's our challange today?

Ray's POV: sence Rayven's gone i can say that all i want!

Chris: today's challange is to see how long you can stand with out eatting.
Zoey: I maby can stand about 2 days!
Jax: when i'm around you i can do the same!
Jake: maby 2 and a hafe!
Ray: wow! i think i can stand about 1 day.
Lulu: you guys will beat me! I can only stand about 13 hours at the most.
Jax:to tell you the truth I'm about 7 hours!
Lulu: wow!
chr:: who ever can stand the longist without eatting will win! the one who can stand the shortist...
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posted by 2t2111
Duncan - Bad Michal Jackson
Harold - White And Nerdy Weird Al Yankovic
Heather - I'm Bossy Fergie
Gwen - I've Got Nerve Miley Cyrus
Owen - Fat Weird Al Yankovic/ All You Can Eat The Fat Boyz
Courtney - I'll Sue Ya Weird Al Yankovic
Justin - I'm Too Sexy Rightsaid Fred
Ezikial - Canadian Idiot Weird Al Yankovic
Noah - I'm A Prince LazyTown
Trent - Just A Friend [unknown artist]
DJ - Spooky Song LazyTown
Eva - Anakain And Obi wan Battle
Tyler - All Star Smashmouth
Sadie And Katie - True Friends MIley Cyrus
Aljandro - Invisible Man Scatman John
Sierra - Let's Get Crazy Miley Cyrus
Izzy - Till Brooklyn [unknown artsist]
Chris - Let's Go LazyTown
Chef Hatchet - Eat It Weird Al Yankovic
Bridgette - Party In The USA Miley Cyrus
Geoff - Party Like A Rockstar Shop Boyz
Beth - Ugly Girl WEird al
Lindsay - Barbie girl aqua
Mr Coconut - Time To play Lazytown
[Creator] - Lolly4me2 [Yes, drawn by me]
[Creator] - Lolly4me2 [Yes, drawn by me]
"It's starting," Bridgette screamed from below the third floor. When an answer did not return, she angrily ran/stomped up the stairs to my room, and pushed open the door. There, she found me, sitting on the floor, isolated in thick knit blankets staring into a tiny Nintendo DS screen.
"Just one more game, Mom..." I muttered.
"Sofie," Bridgette grabbed the DS from within my grasp and held it above my head. Even without it, my eyes didn't leave their position.
"Almost to the cave of enchantment, Mom..."
"You poor child." Bridgette sighed, taking my hand and dragging me step by step down the way she...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
A party up in here
Shall I go, love a lot
Friends be going
But forsooth, I cannot
For my heart
Broken down
By his voice
Chasing away my sanity
Cry away the pain
Whisper in air
Cry in water
Scream in noise
Grimace in pain
My heart hurts
He is gone
What went wrong?

The feel of his lips
On mine, like a curse
I be poisoned
With the drip
Of a venomous demon
Cursing in my ear
Shan't I wish I be free
I miss him
I cry for him
I scream for him
Keep the pain
Keep the agony
Keep the tears
Thy has taken my love
I do not wish to lock up
Shan't I free
Thy day shall exceed
My prescence
And popularity of the night

Purple tears
A broken heart
Lying limp on the bed
I do not feel love
I feel hatrid
I feel disobeyment
I feel broken

~Written by 7GG, courtesy of my sister Jacki, known as gwentrentever, who has forsince left Fanpop for good.
I love you sis
I love you sis
posted by kk99aa
Vannessa fought back the tears,
although her anguish showed as clear as day
on her eyes. Ryan smiled sheepishly, obviosly happy that he had made the Vannessa cry.He slammed the door hard.Vannessa backed away slowly,turned around,and broke into a run."Faster Faster!" she commanded herself,while fighting back a waterfall of tears."I have to get away!" Vannessa murmured under her breath.When she reached her house,she plopped down on her bed and let all her tears out."It will be alright tommorrow." she desperately tried to comfort herself.Then the terriying truth hit her, "It's not over yet." she wispered and broke out cying again.She knew there was no hope...
posted by Trent-lover123
Ranma:get it away!!! Roxy:whats wrong??? Ranmas dad:Im so ashamed my son is afraidof cats. Roxy:oh well then you want a dog??? Ranma:YES!!!!Alex:come on take it like a man!!!! Ranma:AHH Stop THAT!!! Roxy:Hey riana maby you can help. Riana:well I dont want to get killed by shampoo. Christy:whats that in the sky??? Reyoga:I have came a very long way to see ranma soutomy to FIGHT!!! Riana:wow what man heehee. Roxy:whats so instrasting about him??? Riana:he came a long way for just a fight that takes a lot of guts. starr:your just fishing for guys arnt you. Riana:so just as little this is the last...
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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
you ALL should no about tdifangirls doncan and daisy.well once again a prediction. btw if you dont like my predictions just tell me and ill stop writing.
doncan and daisy were on there 12 month anaversery , thats where doncan proposed to her.she accepted and had a huge wedding in france. everyoneone was there , even courtney.[doncan was still a little nervos around her] anyway,daisy became a super modle in toronto while douncan plays on one of the best basket ball teams ever![#7 to be exact]they are know millionairs with no children.[but,she is pregnet and planing on a girl named marrianne]there you have it if you want me i'll be making my next artical. dueces!
posted by EarthBoundShine
Here is the cast:

The Bachelorette:
Heather! (She's nice now)

The Guys:

Heather: I got 11 cool guys to do this show with me. Only ONE (that's right, I said ONE) will win. Your first challenge is two-parted! You guys will first get in your swimming suits, and then you have a swimming race.


Heather: Okay, for the first part... Justin is safe... Geoff is safe...
DJ is safe... Duncan is safe... Trent is safe... Noah is safe... Cody is safe... Tyler is safe...

Bottom 3:


Heather: Okay, you 3 have the worst bodies out of EVERYONE....
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Warning: This is not reccomended for you if you're a hard core DXC or GXT fan, or if you just don't like insane amounts of imagination.
You have been warned.

Heather was walking in Camp Wawanakwa after a LOOONG elimination. She was happy that she was still in the competition. She was feeling happy, and walked around with a proud look alone.
Suddenly, she heard a rustle in the bushes. She jumped at the sound, and went over to the nearest tree to investigate.
She looked behind the bush from the tree, and saw an unbelievable sight. A sight that no one would even dream to see.
Duncan and Trent were...
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hey! my name is courtney370 and im a courtney fan and a leshawna fan and i made mind over matter and i made this spot where leshawna and courtney can be friends for ever and i need fan to make cool pic and everything,so plz join anyway my fanfic is about courtney and duncan are getting married but gewn like him and duncan only like courtney but how will he say. part 1 the angel, duncan this is the cuteist ring ever said courtney think you priness said duncan then he kisses her. so,duncan how is my wedding dress going to look? said courtney white with black said duncan you think all my friends...
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This is more than comparing Zoey and Heather by looks and style.
This is more than comparing Zoey and Heather by looks and style.
After seeing Scott in a robot suit in the link, I noticed theories on why Scott is an expy of Alejandro. We go back to the link where Zoey wanted revenge on Scott for eliminating Mike. She injured him to the point where he was put in a wheelchair. To add more fuel to the fire, she is techinally responsible for putting Scott in a robot suit, just like Heather did to Alejandro in the TDWT Finale.

If you can get the picture, which is in this article, you can see that Scott and Alejandro were injured to the point where they had to be put in a robot suit, because of a Heather and link.

It is more...
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Justin is the worst "Total Drama" bad guy ever. Gwen telling the team to vote off Trent would be easy if he didn't pressure her.
Justin is the worst "Total Drama" bad guy ever. Gwen telling the team to vote off Trent would be easy if he didn't pressure her.
6. Justin- What I didn't like about Justin is that he got Trent eliminated in TDA, by pressuring Gwen. It would be easy for Gwen to tell the Grips to vote off "The captain who went crazy because of a girl", if Justin didn't pressure her.
5. Courtney- She is as harsh as Heather, because she took her antagonist role too far. She is not the best female villain for "Total Drama"
4. Blaineley- She can be a diva at times. She was okay in CMTDARS, but she took "The New Chris/Heather/Geoff" role too-too far when she sent Bridgette to Siberia.
3. Duncan- Duncan is an okay villain. The only...
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posted by blenson555
Normal Rachlle
Normal Rachlle
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In double X's Limo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sue:God,hes a pussy!double X:Now girls it was good of you doing that,but we don't want anything like that again!So wear your normal cloths and i'll see you all next week!Tiffany:Kick ass!*The girls get out of the car*Rachlle:Lets get to hour homes and change Sue:How am I supposed to change I'm in my normal cloths!Tiffany:Well this is real spi work,come to my house i'll find cloths that are black for u!Sue:I look like a stupid fucking nerd!Tiffany:What about me?Sue:You look good!Tiffany:Thanks!Part7:Blending in coming soon!
Normal Tiffany
Normal Tiffany
Normal Sue
Normal Sue
posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Ezikiel: Everytime We Touch - Casada
Eva: Kill Em All - Mettalica
Noah: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Justin: Im To Sexy For My Shirt - ?
Katie+Sadie: F.U.N Song - Spondgebob Squarepants
Tyler: Crazyloop - Dan Balan
Izzy: Popcorn - Crazy Frog
Cody: Don't Trust Me - 30H!3
Beth: Rockstar - Hannah Montana
Courtney: Get Loose - Lil Mama ft. Chris Brown
Harold: Kung Fu Fighting - ?
Trent: Papillon - The Airborne Toxic Event
Bridgette: Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lindsay: Piece of Me - Britney Spears
DJ: Any song from Barney&Friends
Geoff: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Leshawna: Rock Star - Prima J
Duncan: Know Your Enemy - Green Day
Heather: Too Cool - Camp Rock Soundtrack
Gwen: Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
Owen: The Llama Song - Burton Earny
Hayley, labeled the musically-obsessive rocker chick, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Screaming Gophers team.
Hayley lives in north-eastern Vancouver with her 2 sisters. She signed up for Total Drama Island because she wanted to prove that scene/emo kids are not depressing. She’s known for being obsessed with music, and is quite hyper. Hayley can be seen at many concerts, as she loves almost every rock band out there. She is a straight B student and she’s proud of who she is. She doesn’t care what people think of her. Hayley is a proud, confidant teen, though she...
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(Hola me amigos! I was gonna hav this posted last night but.... Let's just say my family BBQ's last a LONG time xP we arrived at 11:25 am and left at 11:57 pm. Well anyways, ENJOY!!!!)

Rayla: So what? Y'all just decided not to vote?! Well thanks guys. Now all the producers and Other Shiz are mad and yelling at ME! And the worst part is, IVE BEEN SO BORED CAUSE I BEAT ALL MY VIDEO GAMES!!!! 

Cody: What is shiz?

Rayla: SHUT UP GAY-TARD!!!! Now i have to seem like a really evil host and kick one of y'all of myself!


Rayla: uh.. ya! 

Bridgette: But-

Rayla: Leave.

Bridgette: What?

Rayla: Must...
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posted by obssesedTDIgirl
Chantelle's new look
Chantelle's new look
Dear Diary,
    Today, I’ve finally moved from New York, NY, to Canada. It’s… pleasant. We’ve got movers moving well, our stuff of course, into our house right now. We have beautiful three story house w/ a majestic basement. The some movers are re-doing my right now and to my liking. It’s a dark purple with skulls painted everywhere. My bed is just a hammock hanging from the ceiling and the carpet is white. There’s a trophy shelf with all my accomplishments like track, kick boxing, boxing, football, and such. I do have a few from gymnastics and beauty pageants’...
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