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posted by NeonInfernoLord
Ok so this idea came up to me after having a dream of being on Total Drama and then everyone died…don’t ask. Anyways I’ll be working on this along with the fantasy matches you guys request and I’ll see where it goes. I hope you enjoy it.

“Welcome contestants to another glorious season of Total Drama folks!” Chris McClean, the host, yells as he stands in front of the camera. A scene of the ocean and a large cruise ship is seen behind him. “This season, all of our contestants will be sent overseas to compete for yet another million dollar prize! This is Total…Drama…TITANIC!” Chris yells so loud an echo is heard. A smaller boat soon arrives on a dock next to him as people start to get off.

“Ladies and Gentleman I welcome, Heather, Courtney, and Gwen!” Chris says as the 3 girls begin to walk off the boat waving to the camera.

As soon as Heather gets off camera her mood changes. “UGH! Another season of this, are you kidding me!?” She shrieks as she sits on a crate used for storage.

“You really shouldn’t whine Heather, it adds to your ugly stress marks on your face.” Courtney says walking by her, typing away on her P.D.A. Suddenly she is tripped by Heather as she falls face first to the ground.

Gwen just walks up to them both and stares up at the enormous ship they are about to enter upon. Ever since she was little she had a fear of going overseas on a boat, especially since she watched Jaws. As her attention was caught by the boat she jumped at a sudden hand on her shoulder. “EEP!” She squeaked as she turned around.

It was none other than Cody who pulled his hand back upon seeing her frightened expression. “Whoa there, I’m sorry.” Cody said assuring as he tried calming her down. “It’s been a while since we saw each other last season.” Cody says now calming.

“Oh Cody, I didn’t see you there.” Gwen’s heartbeat was finally fading back to normal now. “Sorry I jumped, I’m just, a little nervous about the trip.” Gwen says staring back at the boat.

“Just a simple case of Thalassophobia.” Harold says suddenly coming up to the geek and the goth.

“Thala-what now?” Gwen asked confused.

“Thalassophobia, the fear of the sea.” Harold straightened his glasses as he was suddenly pushed out of the way by Duncan. Harold then falls into the water. While he is under the water, his yo-yo falls out his pocket and floats its way into the back of the boat where the rudder is and lodges itself inside. Harold swims to the surface coughing as Duncan just stands there and laughs. Heather and Courtney roll their eyes and Gwen sighs.

“Oh come on, it was just a harmless joke.” Duncan says putting an arm around Gwen. After World Tour, they all had been going out, much to Courtney’s dismay as she had been trying to ignore them. Cody, still having feelings for Gwen, was about to speak up when suddenly a shrill scream filled everyone’s ears.

“CODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” Sierra yells as she begins running down the dock and tackling Cody.

“She’s back here again!?” Heather yells as she leans back on a crate holding her head. Suddenly she is met by a familiar latin voice that has her head poking back up. “Good evening, senorita.” Alejandro says suddenly sitting next to her. “Oh, h-hey.” Heather says turning her head as to not see her blush. It wasn’t that she liked him, which she did, she was embarrassed about kicking him in the nuts and the fact that afterwards he was burned by lava. Fortunately for him, the course of the year they were away from the show was enough for his skin to heal. He had stitches and everything but nothing too severe.
“SIERRA! I…can’t b-b-breathe!” Cody yelled while being crushed from Sierra’s embracing pressure. Sierra looked down as she gasped to see Cody fainting from asphyxiation. “CODY!?” She stand sup and tosses him on her shoulder. “Good going there .” Noah says walking up to them and seeing an unconscious
Cody on her shoulders.

Behind them all, Chris was just finishing introducing everyone on the camera set as the door to the boat started to open slowly. The bolts holding door were starting to give away as it lowered and on oe fthe bolts fell off an dropped carelessly into the water.

“Ok everyone onto the boat! We have a show to start!” Chris yells as everyone begins walking aboard. Gwen stares up at the boat and gulps as she shakily starts walking up into the boat. Duncan walks up next to her . “Are you alright babe?” Duncan asks as Gwen takes a deep breath. “Y-yeah I’m fine.”

“Are you sure about this man?” Chef asks Chris as they follow the teens. “Of course, the boat isn’t that defective anyways.” Chris says as he takes a step onto the floor of the boat and a board breaks as his leg falls through. Chef breaks out in hysterical laughter but little does he know that Chris kicked a pipe out of alignment under the boat that sends gas to the engine as there is a fuel leakage within the boat now.

On the other side of the boat all the contestants were getting settled now as they got to explore the boat. Gwen walked the halls of the cruise ship seeing eerie shadows surround her as she gulps. Duncan held her hand as they walked through. “Man I thought this place would be a dump, not bad for Chris.” Duncan says as he starts playing around with the pictures on the walls. “Gwen was too busy staring out the window of the halls and at the ocean to listen to him. Suddenly Duncan put her hand on her shoulder as she jumped again. “Whoa hey! Relax, it’s only me, not Jack The Ripper.” Duncan says as Gwen wiped her eyes as some of the make-up washed off from her frightened tears. Duncan then embraced her in a hug. “What’s wrong with you, you’ve been acting scared ever since we got here.”

“I-I’m just a little scared of the ocean, that’s all.” Gwen gulps as her and Duncan walk outside to the upper area of the ship that was made to look like a beach. Cody was sitting next to Harold and Noah on the lounge chairs as he was getting his breath back from Sierra. Owen and Izzy were at the pool now as Izzy climbed to the top of the water slide. “GO FOR IT IZZ!” Owen yelled as Izzy leaped off the top and into the pool causing it to loosen drastically as it knocked off it’s hinge.

The horn for the boat went off as it signaled its departure. The rudder in the back of the boat started as it blew the yo-yo deep within the boat now. The yo-yo flew at the bolts used to hold the ship together underneath as a lot of them started coming apart. The fuel leakage started going faster as the inside of the ship was getting coated in gasoline. The gasoline slowly started flowing to the ships engine wires now as electricity was going through them.

Cody stared at Gwen sitting on Duncan’s lap and grunted. “It isn’t fair, what does she see in him. What does he have that I don‘t?” Cody asks as Noah looks up from his book. “Hmmm, the whole bad boy look, the fact that he has girlfriend experience now, the muscles, the toughness, I really have no idea.” Noah says looking back at his book. Cody then got an annoyed look on his face. “Thank you Noah.” Cody says sarcastically as he looks over at Harold who was frantically looking around for something. “What’s with you?” Cody asks. “I can’t find my numyo!” Harold yells as he looks through his pockets. Little does he know, his numyo is about to cause more damage than imaginable.

Heather begins unpacking her bags in her room with Al. “So, I see you made one speedy recovery.” Heather says as Al tosses a shirt to the side after folding it. “Mhm, I was even thinking about you, the whole time I was in the hospital.” Al says as Heather just turns her head. “Pff, yeah right.” Heather says as her face flushed red. “No, señora, I mean it.” Al gently grabbed her chin looking into her eyes. Heather let out a small squeak as suddenly the boat did a violent jerk. Heather then fell on top of Al as there lips touched. They were in there for a while after that.

Sierra had found Cody again and was strangling him in a hug again. “I’m so glad we are back together, now we can get married, and have kids, and-” “THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!” Cody yelled out now. “I’ll never like you, why can’t you see that, we’re only friends!” “But Cody, I love you.” Sierra says as her smile starts to fade. “What did I say Sierra!?” Cody yells stomping off now. Sierra sat there in shock and sadness as she looked at the floor fighting tears.

“Don’t worry, I know how guys can be jerks.” Courtney says angrily typing ‘I HATE DUNCAN’ repeatedly on her P.D.A.

Gwen was still drifting off on Duncan’s lap. She felt such a dark aura around her, not because she was goth, that was natural. It felt like something evil was following her. Duncan then was starting to kiss her neck as she giggled and turned her head. “Stop, that tickles.” Gwen laughed.

Underneath the boat however the gasoline had found its way across the pipes and to the engine main system. “Let go of the wheel Chef.” Chris demanded as Chef kept a hold. “No way man, I have no idea what your going to do.” “But it’s MY ship, I think I should be bale to have a say in what I want to do with it!” While they were arguing they had no idea of the deathly events taking place below them. The bolts made loose by the numyo had finally gave away and the middle of the ship suddenly went concave as everyone and everything now was starting to fall down into the center of the boat.

“AHH!” Courtney yelled as she fell along with Sierra. “CHEF WHAT DID YOU DO!?” Chris yells. “Hey you’re the one who decided to get the faulty ship!” Chef yells back a underneath the ship the pipes were broken totally by the bolts now and gas began pouring onto the wires. The wires gave off a violent spark as the gas caught on fire and was spreading rapidly around the insides of the ship.

On the deck, Gwen was panicking now as she saw the inside of the ship start to sink inward. “Figures, this place is a dump just like I thought.” Duncan says standing up.

The fire now led back to the fuel tank as an explosion happens in the front of the ship. Chris and Chef are incinerated now as shrapnel flies everywhere. One large piece of metal flies at Harold, decapitating him. Everyone now panics as they run around everywhere screaming. The inside of the boat caves in in the middle as everyone begins sliding to the center. Sierra and Courtney hang on to the rails surrounding the outside. Cody begins sliding down also but is caught by Sierra. “CODY HANG ON!” Sierra yells another explosion happens as the side of the boat is blown out and jagged edges of the boat are hanging out. Noah now struggles to crawl up the boat but a wheel table starts rolling down and hits him as it knocks him down the hole and he falls into the fire pit below. The water slide that was made loose earlier finally fell now and landed on the room that Heather and Al were in The ladder crushes Heather on her ribcage as Al struggles to pull her from underneath it but another explosion caused the loose pole part of the waterslide to blast to Al, slicing him in half. Everyone now either was killed by shrapnel or fell into the pit below as Courtney, Sierra, and Cody stood up on the rail. Unfortunately the water that was spilled out by the pool caused Courtney to slip and fall over the rail. She then landed on one of the sharp jagged edges on the side of the boat, getting impaled. The rail now breaks as Cody and Sierra begin falling down into the hole and get blasted with fire. “Gwen I’m not letting go!” Duncan shouted as he held onto Gwen as he held onto the rail. Suddenly one final explosion caused the rudder to fly off into the air. It then landed on Duncan’s head as it was impaled into the ground. Since he was now dead he couldn’t hold onto her and so she began sliding down into the hole slowly. She stared up at Duncan screaming as fire engulfed her body.

She snapped out of her trance just in time.

She looked around her, she noticed she was still sitting on Duncan’s lap , she was holding his hand tighter than usual. “Ow hey, you stressed or something?” Duncan held his bruised hand now as Gwen got up with tears slowly creeping down her face. “Babe, what’s wrong?” Duncan asked noticing her tears. “We have to leave.” Gwen whispered.

“What?” Duncan asked.

“We have to leave!” Gwen yelled. Soon everyone was looking at her.

“Whoa whoa, what are you talking about!?” Duncan asks holding her.

“We have to get off this boat!” The boat’s going to explode it’s unstable!” Gwen yelled as she threw Duncan off and began running to the lower levels of the door. Duncan began following her.

“What’s going on!?” Chris yells walking out the captain area with Chef. “Something is wrong with Gwen!” Cody shouted as he ran after her.

“Cody wait!” Sierra ran after him now.

Soon Al and Heather got out of there room after hearing Gwen screaming. “What’s going on?” Heather asked as Courtney was walking off the boat. “Something happened with Gwen and she went crazy.” Courtney says and with that Al and Heather left too. Chris and Chef then started to get off the boat now as Noah stood up from his book. “I knew this was a bad idea.” Noah began to leave. “Wait Noah where are you going!?’ Harold raced after him.

At the lower deck everyone was around Gwen trying to figure out what was happening. “Whoa what happened to you?” Chris asks as Gwen holds her head now crying. “I don’t know, I just, I just saw it all happening, the ship exploding, everyone was dying. “Oh come on, you were hallucinating.” Duncan says. “What’s wrong with you, she obviously saw something.” Cody said surprisingly manly.

“Excuse me?” Duncan said glaring at Cody.

“I’m just saying, you need to relax, show some sympathy.” Cody said stepping up.

Suddenly he was met with a punch to the face as Cody fell back and was caught by Sierra. “OH NO YOU DON’T!” Sierra flew at him with fists of fury as she was held back by Courtney and Heather and Duncan by Chef and Al. Cody held his now bruised jaw as he tried to stand. Suddenly an explosion is heard above them as the entire ship shakes and the door now flies open. “EVERYBODY OUT!” Chris yells as the 10 survivors hop out into the water. Since the boat had just left, the dock was still in sight as they all swam and watched the ship sink into the water in a fiery massacre.

When they arrived at shore everyone looked at Gwen, all she could do was cry.

Death now starts the hunt.

Well tell me all what you think now that it is officially started, and I WILL and repeat WILL finish it. I won’t leave it out to dry and die.
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