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Flora Tynix
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This The Winx Club fan art contains rose, rosiness, bouquet, corsage, posy, nosegay, camellia, and camelia. There might also be opium poppy, papaver somniferum, oriental poppy, papaver orientale, michigan lily, and lilium michiganense.

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'"And I heard a great voice, saying to the seven angels..."Pour out the seven bowls; the harshness of the world in a dream!" I saw when the Lamb opened the sixth seal. There was an earthquake...great is the sun became a gaping black hole, and the moon became as red as blood."'

"This story is told throughout the remaining lands. It is known as "The beginning of the end." The beginning when the sun died out. The beginning when the moon had turned red; when the sky had been turned to flames. Even the stars themselves were going out. Planets collapsed, galaxies collided into one another, stars imploded...everything...
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bloom: layla? is that you!
flora: oh layla we missed you so much!
layla: me to
stella: girls look out!!
bloom: what?
[ shy jumps in front of bloom ]
bloom: shy!!!
shy: bloom go find the flower of life we will hold them off!
stella: bloom come on the boy's will hold them off

layla: girls why are guys even here
bloom: musa has power's but her new powers can kill people!
tecna: girls we need to hurry musa can cause the earth to grumble!!!
bloom: your right, girls we need to get going layla your in?

stella: girls hurry up my shoe's are getting dirty!!
flora: stella clam down after this e will do a little shopping...
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