mutanthunter posted on Apr 19, 2012 at 01:40PM
The Story So Far: A thousand years after the latest star wars a new galaxy has been found by both the old jedi order and dark sith empire but only one will survive and how many die will also be chosen by you which side do you belong on?

Name: David

Age: 15

Side: Sith?

Skill: duel sabers for back up and single double for main

Story: being born into the sith empire and being raised as a sith seem to have no impact on the kindness of this sith even with the cruelty of his master some how he remained kind to the weak when his master tried to kill a group of unarmed civilians he stepped in and killed his master and took his duel sabers so he remembers never to return to the sith order but never got to the jedi.
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over a year ago mutanthunter said…
As i am flying throw space i see a world ruled by the jedi but needing fuel and a place to rest of a couple of days i redundantly land on the planet and pay for a weeks stay at the hanger for now i am walking around the city.
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over a year ago alexjere said…
Name: Alex

Age: 19

Side: jedi

Skill: 2 Green Lightsabers And A Dual Bladed for back up

Story Was Hunted By The Sith For 10 Years but they failed and i helped the old jedi order