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Scene 1:The Park House
Its another normal day for Mordicai and Rigby. Rigby was just about to sit down to play "Dig Champs" with Mordicai, but Mordicai has a suprise for him.....
Rigby:What The....
Mordicai:HAHAHAHA! Dude, you fell for it!
Rigby:Fell for what?
Mordicai:My joke! You shat on my whoppie cushine!
Rigby:Whats your problem?!
Mordicai:Dude,its April Fools Day, remember?
Mordicai:You didn't know?
Rigby:I WAS BUSY YESTERDAY! Benson made me sweep the kitchen,clean the tables at the snack bar and pick up litter! All while you were at that stupid...
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