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Cute: Skilene
Cute: Skilene
S: Skipper; K:Kowalski; P: Private; R: Rico; M:Marlene; J: Julien; Mau: Maurice; Mort:Mort.; King Rat: KR ; ♥ : (love, or kiss)

The Penguins are all around the table when they hear a hollow screech coming from Marlene’s habitat. Skipper leads them and they go through Marlene’s front door. They can hear Marlene but they can’t see her.

S: Kowalski, perimeter check!

Kowalski walks around until he notices that the sewer hole is opened and they see Marlene with all the rats around her. Skipper panics and has says anything without thinking.

S: Rico Rope!!!

A rope rolls out of Rico’s mouth...
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