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Behind the Scenes of OTH (Naley's House)
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Brooke, Peyton & Haley, Sorry I Mean Brooke, Peyton & Brooke ♥
Brooke, Peyton & Haley, Sorry I Mean Brooke, Peyton & Brooke ♥
The Ravens are playing an away game, and the tension between Nathan and Lucas continues to rise. On the way home, the tension boils over, and Whitey kicks them off the coach- 30 miles from home.

Whilst walking back, the two boys encounter some members of the team they just beat.The two boy then get kidnapped at gun point. Working together, they escape.

Whilst running away, they see a blue VW Beetle. Inside it is Brooke, Peyton and Haley.

Brooke was injured during the game, and took some drugs. She asked Peyton to drive her home. Peyton turns to Haley for help then Brooke asks Peyton if Haley can come with them. She's reluctant at first, but quickly agrees.

Elsewhere, Karen and Keith attend a business function, and tempers flare when Deb and Dan are seated at their table.

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Brooke ♥
Brooke ♥
The last droplets of rain the sky had to offer fell briefly, as Nathan hurried up the steps of his and Haley’s apartment. Once he had finally reached shelter - like magic - the rain stopped.

He pushed his hood off, and blinked. “Son of a bitch..”

It wasn’t long before he remembered what he was doing there, and he quickly made his way towards his apartment. Slipping his key in the lock quietly, he slid the door open, hoping Haley had gone out shopping.

No such luck. No sooner as he’d opened the door, the petite woman appeared from the bedroom.

Mid length auburn locks down, the girl frowned...
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