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Un poème  Kementary_25 0 368 7 months ago
hobbit home build - anyone else ?  hobbit-builder 0 1710 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings Spot makeover 2018 {closed}  makintosh 13 2643 over a year ago
Can someone tell me what this is?  gollum456 0 3197 over a year ago
The Lord of the Rings A-Z  ShadowFlame 173 51272 over a year ago
Create your own Lord of the Rings Characters  hiddennobodie 70 60511 over a year ago
30 Days of LOTR  SherlockStark 107 9168 over a year ago
100+ Reasons why we Love LOTR  Mallory101 34 16662 over a year ago
True Poetry  SonOfBatman 0 2929 over a year ago
Live your own life in Middle-Earth!  Flora_Swift 2 5342 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap  spikes_girl 59 14305 over a year ago
Silmarillion Saga (Adults Only)  Blue-Ishtari 0 3728 over a year ago
We need a Burglar for the Rights  Blue-Ishtari 0 3726 over a year ago
Andy 'Silmarillion' Serkis  Blue-Ishtari 0 3357 over a year ago
Versus Game  makintosh 58 11358 over a year ago
Elvish To English Dictionary... useful..  Mythrindel 9 84498 over a year ago
Countdown to 16,000 Fans  cynti19 92 7080 over a year ago
LotR Time Game  StichxAngel4eva 25 6965 over a year ago
Character Ratings!!!  kool123 29 8765 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings Survival Game  swifferkramer 53 9417 over a year ago
Conversation in LotR quotes. :3  ImAnEasel 8 4933 over a year ago
Photo Contest!  Book-Freak 2 3484 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap - the game  MrsCharliePace 15 6011 over a year ago
Favorite LotR Quotes  becca85 21 47957 over a year ago
versus game 2  Snugglebum 21 3157 over a year ago
English To Elvish Dictionary.. Cool!!  Mythrindel 3 24903 over a year ago
20in20 {Wall of Fame}  Bibi69 431 26851 over a year ago
20in20 Icontest {CLOSED CONTEST}  Bibi69 2674 127858 over a year ago
Fun Hobbit and LOTR music videos  ElenaTheElf 1 2715 over a year ago
You know you're obsessed with LOTR when...  sydnisan 6 3649 over a year ago
Are you a LOTR fanatic??!!  bestt 0 3223 over a year ago
The Dark Ages: Era of Man RP  blackpanther666 1 2841 over a year ago
*SPOILERS* What did you think of The Hobbit? Was there anything you didn't like?  ellie_bellie135 5 2967 over a year ago
Offer: original Lotr:ROTK filmset Jacket!  angan 0 3101 over a year ago
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Movie Review)  darkgoth 0 3228 over a year ago
The one ring of the knowledge battle  taniko34 1 3036 over a year ago
Legolas, Gimlee or Aragorn or Erowen  Erowen99 4 3645 over a year ago
ICON CONTEST! {OPEN}  MrsCharliePace 8 3146 over a year ago
Rare book: Lord of the rings  Falkor99 0 2322 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings 20in20 Themes/Category Suggestions!  Bibi69 1 2643 over a year ago
LOTR - the books are hot, the movies not.  Elenna 11 2675 over a year ago
LOTR Musical Parody!  hwm 0 1973 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring RP  Rebecca_Orlando 4 2426 over a year ago
My story concerned about flv...useful  awhile871215 1 2620 over a year ago
LotR Roleplaying!!  kiss_me508 4 2654 over a year ago
[NEW] Lord of the rings icon contest! [OPEN]  lillyqueen94 8 4933 over a year ago
verses game!  moviefreak12 24 3362 over a year ago
New era, Rp  greekgirlA 1 2779 over a year ago
Legolas lovers  Starwars2345 5 4387 over a year ago
Alternate Universe Story?  Inwe_Elensar 2 3232 over a year ago
story about Aragorns life as a Ranger  lcrs50 2 2497 over a year ago
Legolas is gorgeous  kitlyna 1 1667 over a year ago
kool123's fun lotr game!!!  kool123 39 4273 over a year ago
Bring you with my good share!  awhile871215 0 2163 over a year ago
Would You Like To Learn Elvish!!?  Mythrindel 4 5498 over a year ago
All Elvish songs Lyrics in the film  Mythrindel 1 54889 over a year ago
LOTR Word Re-arrange Game (Props for winner)  want2watcheroes 23 6550 over a year ago
LOTR Hangman!  green79 16 5197 over a year ago
Banner Change  ShadowFlame 10 2894 over a year ago
LotR icon contest.  aiemerrysirius 12 3226 over a year ago
Top Ten Characters  spikes_girl 27 6051 over a year ago
LOTR Cast/Actor Birthday's  Mallory101 19 11347 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Complete Recording  fireman452 2 2400 over a year ago
LOTR RP  sierradawn9 0 2528 over a year ago
Favorite Part  Euri 12 4465 over a year ago
LOTR Official Games (Playstation 2) - Discussion  bendaimmortal 0 2093 over a year ago
LOTR RPG Needs Characters:  RPGmoony 0 2563 over a year ago
LOTR Heros  Mallory101 3 2882 over a year ago
WOOHOO!  hamishblakefan 1 2217 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings TPBM  Mallory101 5 2932 over a year ago
Random LOTR fact  Mallory101 2 3463 over a year ago
fravorite  perry-123 6 3200 over a year ago
Your love for LOTR....  Mallory101 14 2467 over a year ago
The nazgul  ThatRaptor 0 2653 over a year ago
Toy/Book collections  gary4967 0 2882 over a year ago
Countdown to 5000 fans!!!  green79 7 2636 over a year ago
Attention Pittsburgh Area LOTR Fans!  The_Strand 0 1812 over a year ago
BEWARE OF THE SWINE FLU  ring-bearer 10 1843 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings Game Cards  lizurds 1 2165 over a year ago
Lord of the Rings jokes  Euri 4 20118 over a year ago
LOTR Caption Contest Winners  spikes_girl 1 1484 over a year ago
LOTR Vending Machine  Mallory101 9 3470 over a year ago
Samwise Gamgee spot  spikes_girl 6 2296 over a year ago
The Hobbit is coming  RulerL0rd 25 3247 over a year ago
the many faces of LOTR  Snugglebum 70 18894 over a year ago
PR: LOTR in Concert in NYC 10/9-10  cinemedia 1 3056 over a year ago
Any Questions?  ShadowFlame 7 2795 over a year ago
art work of the lord of the rings trilogy  malham 1 4992 over a year ago
Countdown to 4000 fans  RulerL0rd 18 2300 over a year ago
Participate in LOTR Caption Contests :)  spikes_girl 1 2623 over a year ago
Caption Contests  spikes_girl 0 2351 over a year ago
Faramir  Mallory101 0 2160 over a year ago
Wonderful wallpaper Balrog  Ayla144 4 4711 over a year ago
Conspiracy theories, Inside jokes and Running themes: Favorite LOTR behind the scenes moments.  Snugglebum 1 4187 over a year ago
Legolas, good or bad  shadowlotr 5 5519 over a year ago
my 3 year old neice  bailey2009 1 2218 over a year ago
Countdown to 3.000 fans  RulerL0rd 38 4327 over a year ago
Haldir  king_wa 1 2558 over a year ago
Reccommendations, anyone?  i_luv_angst 6 2753 over a year ago