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In a spectacular example of too much information, Kesha has told how she had to answer the call of nature in a salad bowl before a concert in Australia. The 24-year-old Blah Blah Blah singer peed into the unsuspecting salad bowl then hid it ahead of a concert at Melbourne's Festival Hall on Wednesday, she has revealed. Kesha told Melbourne's Fox FM radio network, "I had to pee really bad, so I peed in a salad bowl, and hid it. "So somewhere at the venue there is a salad bowl full of my pee."

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Downtown tonight, I saw an old friend, someone who
I used to take comfort from long before I met you
I caught a spark in his eyes of forgotten desire
With a word, or a touch, I could have rekindled that fire
But old flames can't hold a candle to you
No one can light up the night like you do
Flickering embers of love
I've known one or two
But old flames can't hold a candle to you
Oh yeah
Ooh ooh
Like sometimes at night, I think of old lovers I've known
And I remember how holding them helped me not feel so alone (feel so alone)
Then I feel you beside me and even their memories are gone
Like stars in the night...
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I used to live in the darkness
Dress in black, act so heartless
But now I see that colors are everything
Got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo
Got back the stars in my eyes, too
Yeah, now I see the magic inside of me

Yeah, maybe my head's fucked up
But I'm falling right back in love with being alive
Dreaming in light, light, lights
This kitty cat lost her mind
Been looking for a star-sent sign that I'll be alright
Look to the skies

I've found a rainbow, rainbow, baby
Trust me, I know, life is scary
But just put those colors on, girl
Come and play along with me tonight

I'd forgot how to daydream
So consumed with the...
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