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Singer-songwriter IU is enjoying success in Taiwan with her new best-of album “Smash Hits.”

Since its release on December 11, the album has maintained the No.1 spot on the Daily K-Pop Album chart of Taiwan’s leading online music store KKBOX.

Other albums in the Daily Album Top 5 are “She Was Pretty OST,” Super Junior‘s “Special Album Part. 2 Magic,” TWICE‘s “The Story Begins,” and EXO‘s “Sing For You,” respectively, as of December 16.

“Smash Hits” includes many of IU’s most popular and loved songs, such as “Good Day” and “You and I.” The album has a total...
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Ever since IU came back with 'Chat-Shire,' it seems like nothing but controversy after controversy has surrounded the new release.

Recently, another issue has come to light, this time involving the inspiration behind 'Chat-Shire's album cover.

An artist by the name of Jessica HJ Lee uploaded a blog post titled 'link,' claiming that the artwork for 'Chat-Shire' was just too similar to her original art to be overlooked as mere inspirations but rather, a direct, intentional copy of her work.

Lee even showed a side-by-side comparison of certain parts of her art to parts of the album artwork for...
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Solbi refutes the accusations that her comments made in November via SNS were aimed at singer IU.

The singer recently posed for the fashion magazine bnt and spoke about what she’s been up to. Solbi released an album as part of VIVIS in September.


The interviewer asked if she was thinking of anyone in particular with her SNS comment, “There is freedom in creativity. But with that comes responsibility.” To that, Solbi replied, “It wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. I was merely expressing my thoughts on the issue.”

In November, singer IU was in the hot seat for her controversial...
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IU held her solo concert his past November 21 at Seoul's Olympic Park, and her beau Jang Kiha was one of the audience members cheering her on, giving her some moral support!

During her concert which commemorated the release of her fourth mini album 'Chat-Shire,' the singer performed "Knee," "Twenty-three," "Zeze," "Shower," and her past hits such as "You and I," "Good Day," and "The Red Shoes," giving her fans a memorable two hours.

Jang Kiha was said to have arrived at IU's concert even before it began and cheered her on with all his might. IU's best friends, actress Yoo In Na and indie band 10cm, were also present at the concert, enjoying the concert.

IU is very lucky to have such supportive people around her, isn't she?

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IU is reported to be on the cover of the upcoming December issue of 'GQ,' including an exclusive interview and photoshoot with the singer.

Despite the recent buzz surrounding the suggestive tracks from her latest album, 'CHAT-SHIRE,' the singer continues to stay high in the charts. On the single cover image, the title of IU's exclusive coverage read, "I've never written even one line of lie. Words that only she can say with such clarity."

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview will be available in the December issue of 'GQ.'

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Singer-songwriter IU looks flirty and adorable on the cover of GQ!

IU is featured in the December issue of GQ with a photo shoot and interview, and she shows off her gorgeous figure on the cover as she stretches her arms up above her head in a cropped top.

More stunning photos of IU have hit newsstands this month as she’s also December’s cover girl for the magazine Marie Claire.

IU released her fourth mini album entitled “Chat-Shire” on October 23. The songstress was recently wrapped up in controversy surrounding the track “ZeZe” off her album as well as the music video for “Twenty-Three.”

Be sure to check out December’s issue of GQ for more of IU!

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Previously, IU's agency, Loen Tree, revealed that they have filed complaints at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station regarding haters.

According to recent reports, it appears she may be doing a second round of filing complaints. Herald Pop and SBS FunE wrote, "Early next week, IU's agency Loen Tree will file a complaint at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station once again against the people leaving malicious comments regarding their artist IU."

Netizens reacted to this news with, "She must be really set on this," "The people who wrote the malicious comments must be scared," and more.

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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of November 8 to November 14 below!

< Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. 4men - "Let's Hug"

2. Zico ft. Babylon - "Boys And Girls"

3. Adele - "Hello"

4. IU - "Twenty Three"

5. Lim Chang Jung - "Love Again"

6. Lee Juk - "Don't Worry"

7. f(x) - "4 Walls"

8. VIXX - "Chained Up"


10. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - "I"

< Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking >

1. VIXX - 'Chained...
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On Korea’s most popular K-Pop communities Instiz and Pann, IU is currently under fire for her questionable comment regarding her controversial song “Zezé.”

On both Instiz and Pann posts, netizens posted a screenshot of fans recounting her comment about “Zezé.”


“I’m at the IU concert right now (I already made plans with my friend to come and we couldn’t cancel) and she sang ‘Zezé.’ Before she sang it she said, ‘I’m going to sing a song that I still love regardless,’ and the music came on…I’m getting shivers..”


“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ IU said, ‘I’m going...
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IU‘s agency has released a statement revealing that they have taken action towards malicious commenters as well as those who are spreading composite photos of the singer.

LOEN Tree officials said on November 19th, “On the 17th, we have filed a complaint against the publishers of the malicious comments and the distributors of the false composite photos (of IU) to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station.”

In 2013, the culprit who spread a malicious rumor about IU was caught but upon an agreement, was given 200 hours of community service and the complaint was dropped. However, LOEN Tree warns that...
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The end-of-the-year music award shows are some of the most look forward to events for fans as they can not only see their bias awarded for their hard work from the past year but interaction between artists are experienced at an all time high.

So it was extremely shocking when LOEN Tree‘s top artist and soloist IU announced that she would be boycotting all music award shows this year despite having experienced success in her latest album release, CHAT-SHIRE, achieving an all-kill for her title track “Twenty Three.”

However, since the release of the album, she has undergone several controversies...
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It has been revealed that IU will not be attending any music awards shows this year.

She did not attend the 2015 MelOn Music Awards and is not planning to attend the 2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) and 2015 Golden Disk Awards.

On November 19, various news outlets reported that IU is intentionally boycotting the 2015 MAMA due to past conflicts with Mnet. The reports claim that IU was disappointed with the results of the 2014 MAMA.

Last year, the singer held three performances at the 2014 MAMA. First, she sang her song “Friday,” then N.EX.T’s hit song “Fly, Chick!” in commemoration...
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Singer Jang Ki Ha offers fans a glimpse of his romantic side in the latest issue of celebrity magazine High Cut.

The 162th issue of High Cut features a stunning fall-themed spread starring Jang Ki Ha, who has been in the spotlight for the past month after confirming that he and IU are more than just friends.

Flaunting his sharp features for the camera, Jang Ki Ha goes for simple yet romantic poses to balance the crisp and vibrant foliage. All of his outfits are more than appropriate for the season, and very much in line with most women’s aesthetic when it comes to trendy yet sophisticated men’s...
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Nation's younger sister IU is all grown up on the December cover of 'Marie Claire'. She keeps it classy and classic in the black and white cover.

The issue promises 'fabulous winter fashion' and that's exactly what we get in her solo pictorial. She looks just like a doll because of her delicate facial features and the lacy clothing she's wearing for this shoot.

Her interview also seems to have been much deeper than typical magazine interviews. She shared, "I'm in the process of becoming the real IU by adding together the good days and the not so good days I've had."

Take a look at the rest of...
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On a famous Korean online community called Pann a post that claims to reflect international response with regards to IU’s ‘Zeze’ controversy has recently gained much attention from Korean netizens.
Below are the comments gathered in the original post:
Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!
I would genuinely question her mental health if it was revealed that she wrote those lyrics AFTER reading the book… but i doubt she actually read it. :/ i hope.
Wow, it’s my first time of seeing Zeze lyrics. Who the hell wrote them? The kid was abused extremely cruelly...
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f(x) becomes the latest SM Entertainment female artist to top our chart as their new song “4 Walls” jumps 14 spots to No. 1 this week. Since the beginning of September, we’ve seen Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart,” Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb,” and Taeyeon’s “I” topping our chart. f(x) was able to fend off other challengers to keep the top spot for their company and adds another chart topping hit of their own. Congratulations to f(x).

They released their fourth full length album “4 Walls” in late October. The title track, also titled “4 Walls” is a refined house...
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Have you ever wanted to go back in time to fix a past mistake or spend more time with someone?

Time travel is a fascinating theme as it usually deals with nostalgia and past regret. There can also be a huge price to pay as fate is sometimes inescapable.

We have seen the use of time travel to give people second chances in Korean dramas such as “God’s Gift — 14 Days” and “Operation Proposal,” so it is no surprise that the theme has also been used in music videos as well. Here are seven K-pop music videos that have used time travel.

JYJ — “In Heaven”
Time Traveled: 3 weeks?

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Though IU made a public apology for the controversy surrounding the song "Zeze" from her album 'CHAT-SHIRE', many still take issue with the song's lyrics and the album's themes.

One netizen in particular has started a petition calling for the abandonment of IU's song. The petition, which had 13,000 signatures by the end of 16 hours, is calling for 100,000 to sign.

The netizen wrote:

"IU has crossed the line with the lolita themes in her song 'Zeze'... IU said that she meant the lyrics to be from a third-party perspective rather than as the five-year-old Zeze, but if that were so, Zeze would...
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On November 6th KST, IU broke her silence with a response to the recent controversy regarding her alleged sexualization of the character Zezé in her recent song “Zezé.”

IU’s recent album CHAT-SHIRE was met with excitement and praise initially. However, during the following days, controversy arose that the entire album was pedophiliac in nature. The biggest problem, netizens stated, was the sexualization of the character Zezé from the novel <My Sweet Orange Tree>.

Earlier today, IU made her response to the public and the entire translation of her response can be found below. The...
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On November 6, a chart of the top female soloists of 2015 based on sales numbers was uploaded on Instiz.

Baek Ah Yeon from JYP Entertainment tops the list with “Shouldn’t Have.” She released the self-written song back in May, when it achieved a surprise hit at the top of many Korean music charts. Originally she had not intended to do any promotions for the track, but following its high rankings, she performed a few times on music programs. According to the chart, “Shouldn’t Have” achieved 1,277,626 digital download sales so far in 2015.

Right on her heels is IU, who has two songs...
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