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IU will be making a special appearance for her Chinese fans after being invited to one of the biggest events of the new year.

On January 27, an entertainment industry representative told a Korean media outlet, “IU will be appearing on the live broadcast of the Hunan Television New Year Special on February 2.”

Hunan TV is one of China’s major broadcasting stations and has adopted the format of many successful Korean reality shows such as “Running Man,” “Dad, Where Are We Going?” and “I Am a Singer.”

The New Year special will ring in the Chinese new year, featuring appearances...
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The clothes that IU wore for 'Mexicana's 2016 calendar are fetching huge prices through an auction sponsored by an internet retail company.

IU's clothes were reported to have received bids upwards of 4 million KRW (~$3,312 USD) in just three hours! 'Mexicana' began this auction on Tuesday, selling all the outfits, items, and accessories worn by IU for its 2016 calendar photo shoot.

The bids started at just 1000 KRW (~ $1 USD) but soon went as high as 4 million KRW and one auction in particular went over 5 million KRW (~$4,141 USD) in a day.

This special auction will end on January 29 and all the proceeds will be donated to a food bank to help the less fortunate.

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YG Entertainment announced on January 25 that they will be jointly investing in an upcoming drama titled 'Scarlet Heart' (also known as 'Moon Lovers') with American media company NBCUniversal.

News of this joint investment between NBCUniversal and YG is making headlines as it is NBC's first investment in an Asian drama series.

'Scarlet Heart' was originally published as a novel in China back in 2006, and came to the small screen in 2011 as a drama of the same name. The series was a smash hit in China, recording first place in viewership ratings.

The Korean remake, as you know, will star some...
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Lee Jun Ki, IU, EXO’s Baekhyun, and more participate in the first script reading of upcoming SBS drama, Moon Lovers.

On January 18th, pre-production for the upcoming fantasy romantic drama began as the confirmed cast members proceeded to their first reading.

It was attended by their lead actor Lee Jun Ki and singer-actress IU, along with the rest of the cast members Kang Ha Neul, Baekhyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo and more.

Meanwhile, Moon Lovers is a production based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin about the female lead involved in an accident that caused her to go back to the Qing Dynasty. She is reborn as a sister of one of the Prince’s wife and gets tangled with the politics for the throne.

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As of January 11, communications giant Kakao Inc. has acquired a 76.4 percent stake in Loen Entertainment, the company behind MelOn, for 1.87 trillion won (approximately $1.56 billion).

MelOn is the biggest music content provider in Korea. Amongst the international community, it is mostly known for its use by fans to purchase digital music and streaming passes to support their favorite musicians on music shows. Kakao plans to use the acquisition to add music streaming to its already numerous services (including messaging, games, and even as a payment platform). Meanwhile, Loen plans to use the funds from the acquisition to further expand its music platform with social-media based services.

What do you think of the acquisition?

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Gaon has revealed the album sales rankings for solo singers in 2015. The list includes many singers from K-pop idol groups who released solo albums. Singers who are not a part of a group are actually in the minority this year. Did your favorite solo singer of 2015 make the list? Find out!

The top 10 singers with the highest album sales for 2015 are as listed below:

1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon “I” – 119,576

2. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa “One Fine Day” – 118,047

3. SHINee’s Jonghyun “Base” – 74,110

4. INFINITE’s Sunggyu “27″ – 73,971

5. JYJ’s Junsu “Flower” –...
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2015 saw not only great comebacks and debuts from K-Pop's most adored groups, but also some powerful releases from solo acts that blew us away!

From Taeyeon's anticipated solo debut, SHINee Jonghyun's first album, to Jay Park's hard-hitting 'Worldwide,' 2015 was full of music from solo artists that went above and beyond our expectations.

But which artist left the most marked impression in terms of physical album sales? Gaon answered that very question with a top ten list that ranks in descending order which solo acts achieved the highest number in album sales.

The list is as follows, in descending...
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Recently, it was revealed that singer and now actress IU will be starring in another drama, set to air in late 2016.
IU was selected for a lead role in the upcoming drama, Moon Lovers, following her appearance in the hit KBS drama Producer in 2015. With this news, one user on the Korean site Instiz compiled a list with photos of the men that are either confirmed or in talks to join the production alongside IU.

Check out the list below! Are you excited for the drama to air later this year?

3rd Prince – King Yo: Hong Jong Hyun

4th Prince – King So: Lee Jun Ki

8th Prince – King Ok: Kang...
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Lee Jun Ki is returning with another drama project following the success of Scholar Who Walks The Night as he has recently been confirmed to be the lead of Moon Lovers alongside songstress IU.

Unlike the majority of K-dramas currently airing, SBS‘s Moon Lovers is scheduled to be pre-produced before being broadcast in the second half of the year where it will be simultaneously aired in both Korea and China.

Moon Lovers is the first Korean drama to be adapted from an original Chinese novel, and is based off of Bu Bu Jing Xin. It was also adapted in a Chinese drama titled Scarlet Heart which starred...
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Actor Lee Joon-gi and costar K-Pop singer IU have been cast as lovers in a new Korean fantasy drama.

Both Lee and IU confirmed Monday that they will star in “Startling by Each Step: Ryo,” based on the eponymous Chinese novel with different settings. A script-reading session is being held through Friday before shooting for the drama that is aimed at Chinese viewers.

Wang-so (Lee Joon-gi), a Koryo era prince with a warped mind, finds himself in love with Hae-su (IU), a typical young lady sent back in time. Wang-so gradually opens his mind to the lady from the 21st century, and ascends as the...
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Lee Joon Gi has reportedly been confirmed to star alongside female lead IU in SBS’ anticipated new drama, tentatively titled “Moon Lovers.”

According to industry insiders, the lead couple recently wrapped up the final negotiations regarding their roles. The first script reading will be held on January 8.

Based on a Chinese novel, the time travel-themed fantasy drama will switch between modern times and the Goryeo Dynasty. IU is expected to play the love interest of nine charming princes.

The director will be Kim Gyu Tae, who is best known for creating recent hit dramas “It’s Okay, That’s...
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The end of the year is here and Billboard has given their opinion by ranking the '20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2015'. There's an eclectic mix of top idol groups, solo singers, collaborations and hip-hop artists. Clearly effort was put in to include both chart-topping and underrated songs of 2015.

1. Big Bang's "Loser"
2. Girls' Generation Taeyeon's "I"
3. BTS' "Run"
4. Zion.T and Crush's "Just"
5. Keith Ape's "It G Ma"
6. 4minute's "Crazy"
7. G.Soul's "You"
8. Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim)'s "Awoo"
9. EXO's "Call Me Baby"
10. miss A's "Only You"
11. Primary ft. AOA's ChoA and Iron's "Don't Be Shy"
12. 15&'s Park...
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News outlets have reported that singer IU has been confirmed to star in the upcoming SBS drama “Moon Lovers.”

According to previously released reports, many actresses have shown interest in the drama. However, singer IU has been confirmed as the final female actress to star in it. As the female lead, she will be receiving attention from nine handsome actors.

IU has previously starred in KBS 2TV’s dramas “Producer” and “Beautiful Man” proving her potential as an actress. Her fans are highly anticipating her appearance in the “Moon Lovers.”

Currently, actor Kim Sung Gyoon is confirmed...
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IU will be performing her track "Twenty-three" for the first time since her Zeze controversy on the upcoming 'SBS Gayo Daejun'.

A rep from the 'Gayo Daejun' revealed on December 24, "IU plans to perform 'Twenty-three' at the 'SBS Gayo Daejun' airing on December 27. There will also be collaborations with the hottest singers of 2015. We ask that you look forward to it." The upcoming SBS event, '2015 SAF Gayo Daejun', is running under the theme "Making Happiness with Music, Music Together."

IU will also be hosting the event alongside Shin Dong Yup. The 'SBS Gayo Daejun' will air on December 27 at 9:40PM KST!

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For the first time since releasing her album CHAT-SHIRE in October 2015, IU will be appearing on television broadcast to perform “Twenty-Three” on stage.

Additionally, it was revealed that IU will be hosting the 2015 SAF Gayo Daejun, most commonly known as the SBS Gayo Daejun, with Shin Dong Yup this year.

Since releasing her album a few months ago, IU opted out of promoting on music shows and instead went on a national tour where she would perform various of the tracks on CHAT-SHIRE as well as past hit songs.

According to the production crew, IU has been secretly preparing her stage and asks...
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Who was the most radiant K-Pop artist this year? Gallup Korea had the answer, at least according to their end-of-the-year survey. The survey targeted 4,200 people between the ages of 13 and 59, and took place three times - once in July, September, and November. In order to reflect the age-specific preferences, they asked 1,500 people between the ages of 13 and 29 in the nation separately about idol groups. The 95% confidence level indicates a sampling error of +/- 1.5% for all of them and +/-2.5% for idols. Onto the results!

The results were unveiled on December 17, revealing that none other...
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Gallup Korea has unveiled their ranking for the songs of the year! Their survey took place three times over the year (July, September, and November), targeting 4,200 people from ages 13 to 59.

In the end, Big Bang's anthem track "Bang Bang Bang" came out as the song of the year with 7.2% of votes! In second place was Oh Seung Geun's "What's Wrong With My Age," which was released back in 2012 but is still as popular as ever! It got 4.6% of votes while Lim Chang Jung's "Love Again" garnered 4.3% for third place.

Following was IU's "Heart" in fourth (3.9%), EXID's "Up & Down" in fifth (3.6%),...
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It's always good news when you get to see more of the adorable IU!

On December 17, soju brand 'Chamisul' revealed that they have renewed their contract with their model, IU! They then revealed a poster cut of their new campaign together.

In order to celebrate, 'Chamisul' will be hosting a festival on December 23 with her fans to congratulate her renewal of the modeling contract. Sounds super fun! Bring the drinks, 'Chamisul'!






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IU's co-MC has been confirmed for the upcoming SBS's 'Gayo Daejun,' set to air on December 27. It's none other than comedian Shin Dong Yup!

The two should make an interesting MC duo, what with Shin Dong Yup's humorous wit and IU's sweet, lovable demeanor. The two had previously paired up to host a KBS Chuseok special in 2014. This combo will make for a more entertaining show when the big event airs.

Reps from SBS relayed, "From collaborative performances from the hottest idols that will shock you and a stage that will be reminiscent of the 90's, a diverse array of special stages were prepared for this one and only day."

The 2015 SBS 'Gayo Daejun' will air December 27 at 9:40pm (KST), so be sure to catch your favorite idols perform!


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Raina appeared on SBS powerFM's 'Kim Chang Ryul's Old School' on December 15, where she talked about who she resembled and which star she wanted to meet.

When asked if she often heard she looked like somebody, she replied, "Because I'm round-faced, in early debut days, [I was told I looked liked] Shinji. When I take pictures, I hear once in a while that I look like IU. More than anything, I hear I look like a raccoon," making everyone laugh.

When asked which star she wanted to meet at least once, she replied, "Everybody's boyfriend, Kang Dong Won. I just want to see him once. I'm curious about how he looks in real life. I watched 'The Priests' recently and his visuals were so amazing that just looking at him caused the two hours to slip by."

Do you see her resemblance to Shinji or IU?

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