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loolymadness posted on Sep 16, 2012 at 05:21PM
Hello! Can I suggest a (incredibly funny) blog which reviews Twilight and gives some logical reasons why it sucks? It converted me from an almost-Twilight-fan.
And if you don't like it, please don't spam the author with hate comments. Put them here instead!

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over a year ago lolotoy968724 said…
hi \
over a year ago cassie-1-2-3 said…
Lol, it's a little funny.

I'm not going to read much, just the first entry.
Umm, have you ever stared at something without breathing? Oh? You haven’t? Thought not.
Actually, I have. Most people probably have, it's not very uncommon. It only requires holding your breath, and staring. I'm not sure what the purpose of that statement was.

Supermodels saunter. Actors saunter. Catty teenage girls saunter. Hunters do not.
Sauntering is not as girly walk, as implied. To saunter means "to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort." Hunters are allowed to walk slowly. Actually, hunting usually requires slow steps.
(By the way, runway models do not saunter. They practically stomp down the runway, in a rush. It's the opposite of sauntering. As for editorial supermodels, it all depends on what their doing. Most of the time, they are still in their photos (because the real world is not Hogwarts))

Not looking forward to this blog.
over a year ago loolymadness said…
About the saunter thing... I use "saunter" all the time when writing... I feel really stupid right now... but hey, you know, it's the blogger's opinion. Maybe she interprets "sauntering" as a different action because when we read, we build up mental images of actions and expressions.
It is Anti-Twilight, but it is also funny. I'm sure the author would appreciate your checking it out!