Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Crossover fanfiction challenge

goodtimes posted on Nov 17, 2011 at 06:43PM
This is where we can generate random topics for crossover fan fictions.

*First, go to the Harry Potter wikia
and then click on "Random page" on the upper left corner.

*Second, do the same on the Twilight wikia page

*Write down the titles of both articles that show up. For example, I got "Grape" and "Bella's Lullaby"

I have to use both article titles in my fanfiction title, but you don't have to decide yet.

*Click "randon article" one more time on each wikia for your topics.
I got "Andorra" and "Treaty"

So now, I have Grape, Bella's Lullaby, Andorra, and Treaty. I have to incorporate all these things in my plot.
So my story would be about Harry Potter and Twilight characters forming a treaty in Andorra, involving grapes and music, and I would call it "The Grapes of Bella"

*If you get a character page, you have to use that as your main character. If you get more than one character, the story has to revolve around those characters.
*If you get a location, the story has to take place in that location. If you get more than one, your characters have to travel.
*If you get a book or movie, you have to borrow and rewrite a scene from that movie.
*If you get a real person, like an actor or a writer, you have to use them as a character, or let one of your characters say their name.
*If you get a top 10 list, you have to use at least 5 elements from the list in your story.
*If you get an object, that object has to be used in your story
*If you get a spell, that spell has to be used in your story.

Your fanfiction can be any length.
Post the four topics you got, your title, and your story here. you can include a picture if you want.

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over a year ago goodtimes said…
Omg, this will be fun!
over a year ago ClaireVoyant said…
Portrait of a wizard in blue
Biloxi, Mississippi
laurent (vampire)
hugo (the dog who play fang)

how do i write fanfiction with THIS?!

ah let me try again and i warn you, it'll either be slash or crack fic or both...
i do this just because i'm bored, i have no writing ability whatsoever...
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago ClaireVoyant said…
from T:
The Great Wolf=origin of quilete legend. okay maybe i can use this..
volturi. oh okay....

from HP:
dragon skin boot= now this is cool i can make Draco wear this.
Witch Weekly
the rain keep falling hard, with no mercy for people who have yet found shelter from the harsh weather.
in the death of the night there is figure of a young man. walked with sure step from the small town toward the forest, as if not bothered by the storm. his dragon skin boot reflecting the little light still visible from streetlight.
only a few step from entering the forest, he stopped.

"so... this is it" he said,while observing the forest. "the forest where the wolves dwell. the source of magic in this Badland..."

he can feel it rushing in his blood, in his body, the magic that surrounding the forest. so old yet still raw, compared to the British wizarding world where they have tamed almost every dark creatures. he takes a deep breath...

"maybe here, i can find a way to heal..." and for the first time after what felt like years, he smiled.

tbc :P.......................................

oh well, maybe next time we'll see some action.
over a year ago ClaireVoyant said…
Draco malfoy is an outcast. this, is an undeniable fact after the war is over. despite the fact that his mother's lies save the wizarding world from Voldemort, it didn't stop the ministry from putting them trough trial. his father in Azkaban, while his mother stay in their second house in France.
they lost the malfoy fortune to more than a half for war reparation. trough his mother effort they were able to keep enough fortune to start new live in France. when everything seems to settle down, that's where the new problem start.
his magic...
the Healer said they don't know why his magic gone craze. one times when he try to do simple warming spell, the power from his wand soaring high and burn the furniture. and there are times when he can't do even a simple levitation spell.
one senior mediwizard, Mr. Felix Borges, told him that somehow he lost his natural equilibrium.
he has to go to place where the old magic congregate, to start over, to gain his 'balance'.
forbidden forest might be the most possible and closest place. but his reputation making his presence unwelcome there.

so here he is, in America,the badlands. badlands because almost 90% of this land is untouched by European magic. and yet, this will be his place to start over.

not wanting to burden his mother too much. he decide to only bring small amount of money. enough to start a comfortable live, but he has to find job eventually.
work with muggles.. urgh.. Draco's stomach spinning just thinking about it. alas, it's time to stop being cry baby. he is a big man he can handle this. a few weeks of muggle study with Mr. Borges had prepared him from some awkward encounter with muggle. and luckily Mr. Borges know an acquaintance-a squib-that could help him while he is in america.
so Draco gritted his teeth, swallow his pride, and activate the portkey.
"here goes nothing..."
over a year ago pokerface22 said…
Emmett Cullen
Reasons you should be Team Jasper
Compartment C


Charming Emmett

Jasper and Emmett burst into Compartment C, interrupting the Slug Club's first meeting of the year.
"Who is more awesome, me or Jasper?" Emmett asked.
The students rolled their eyes, and shouts of "Emmett" and "Jasper" filled the compartment.
One person didn't answer, but she was needed to make the tiebreaker. Emmett walked over and sat by her. "So, who is more awesome?"
Rosalie entered the compartment, catching the male students eyes. "Obviously Emmett is," she sneered at Jasper.
"There are plenty of reasons why I'm more awesome!" Jasper protested.
"Name five," Rosalie objected.
"I am a Cull-"
"So is Emmett."
"I have Alice."
Jasper ignored her. "I'm strong."
"Emmett's stronger," Rosalie said bitterly.
"I never lose any battles."
"Unless they're against Emmett."
"I was an officer in the Civil War, which makes no sense because the Civil War was before I was born. . ."
"Ignore the plot holes."
"I am sexy!"
"Emmett's sexier."
"But I am also charming," Emmett interrupted. He turned to the girl and flashed a grin. "Watch." Emmett held up his wand and muttered a charm. A rose appeared which he gave to the girl.
"Team Emmett," the girl said.

Crappy, I know. I'm not meant to write.
over a year ago cassie-1-2-3 said…
Jasper participated in the American Civil War, not the Engligh Civil War. The years match up. It's not a plot hole.

I know that's not the point of the story, but I had to say it.
over a year ago pokerface22 said…
The American Civil War (1861–1865) was a civil war fought in the United States of America.
When was Jasper turned?
over a year ago cassie-1-2-3 said…
1863. He was born in 1844.
over a year ago pokerface22 said…
Oohh, that's right! The newborn army! My bad, just remembered.