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Getting There

A/N: Hey Lovelies. Wow I'm in a good mood today! Anyway I only just finished chapter four and I know I was late doing that but tonight I got into such a writing mood so I thought I'd finish chapter five quite fast this week. Anyway I was watching the awesomeness chick flick which is Bride Wars, I don't care what anyone says I am a sucker for a good romcom, and I love that movie so much Kate Hudson is just so awesome and Anne Hathaway is perfection. I love them both together. So I wrote this while I was watching that for the 100th time. Anyway hope you enjoy it and thanks to everyone who is reviewing! Love you all! Thank you so much! Keep commenting please, I really appreciate it. Thanks xoxo

Rating: K+

Copyright: I own Nothing, Apart from my original characters.

Story Type: Multi Chapter

Published: 5th July, 2009

Main Character: Blair Waldorf

Characters: Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald, Serena Van der Woodsen & Vanessa Abrams (Others will be included)

Summary: Inspired by the movie 'Little Miss Sunshine'. The NJBC have graduated high school and Serena persuaded the gang to take a road trip since they are all being separated next year by going to different collages. They all go and have a few bumps along the way. Which makes them realise who their real friends are.

More Details: Blair and Chuck did happen but after 1x18 nothing happened. Chuck left Blair and then that's how that kinda ended. They are kind of avoiding talking about their relationship and are kind of back like they were in the start of season 1. Serena and Nate did happen. Nate still has feelings for Serena even though he's not aware of it. Nate is dating Vanessa. Dan and Serena are still together.


Chapter 5: A 'kind of' friend in need

        Blair could not believe this journey, it was going from bad to worse for the Manhattan princess. First she had to spend every waking hour and sleeping hour with Chuck, Dan was moaning at her the whole trip, Vanessa was constantly there, just her being there was enough. But her time spent with Vanessa was over, thank God Blair thought to herself as they left the café but her so called friends were going to leave her with her 'best friend' once again.
“You're not going to bed now are you?”
Blair pulled on Chuck's shoulder stopping him from leaving.
“Why do you wish to join me?”
He cheekily said with a smirk on his face.
“No. I'm not tired can't you stay up with me?”
Chuck saw behind Blair's back that Nate had said goodnight to Vanessa and she had gone to sit on the swings in a nearby playground. Chuck smirked thinking this would be a good time to mess Blair around. “Don't leave me alone”
“What are you talking about?” He smiled and moved closer and whispered in her ear. “You've got Vanessa”
Blair's smile soon vanished, she turned around and looked over to where Vanessa was. “Goodnight Blair.” He smirked and kissed her goodnight.
“Chuck! Chuck get back here! Bass. You leave me I'll kill you!”
Blair mumbled as Chuck laughed his way up the stairs to their room for the evening. So not being one for early nights Blair decided to take another round with Vanessa. She took a deep sigh before walking over to her with a smile painted onto her face. Vanessa saw Blair walking towards her and thought she was in for another fight.
“Oh what now Blair? I'm done fighting”
“What is your problem?”
Blair rolled her eyes and took at seat on the empty swing next to her.
“You want me to get into this now?”
Vanessa frowned and sighed.
“Yes I do”
“You're everything I hate about the Upper East Side”
Like Blair hadn't heard that line before.
“Wow are you sure you and Humphrey are not the same person?”
She giggled under her breath.
“You're just so spoilt! You get everything that you want. Like if you fell into a snake pit you'd come out wearing Snake skin Heels”
“I don't really like Snake skin, doesn't do anything for me, but listen you're just Nate's girlfriend...” Blair paused for a second before muttering a few other words under her breath. “And barely that”
“What does that mean?”
Vanessa stood up in shock of what Blair was suggesting.
Blair smirked.
Vanessa moved closer and yelled in Blair's face.
“Nothing, I just think that Nate would be so much better with someone else”
Blair was dying to tell Vanessa right there about Serena and Nate, it would have given her so much joy, but Serena had asked her not too so she had to honour her friend's trust.
“Let me guess, you! He's over you!”
“Oh no not me”
Blair wanted to laugh so much at this, as if. She'd had her fair share of Archibald.
“God knows what Chuck sees in you!”
Vanessa sat back down and mumbled.
“What does that mean?”
Blair raised her eye brows and seemed confused.
“Oh please like you don't know. I'm not even a Chuck fan but the way you play him”
Vanessa shock her head and tutted.
“You don't know anything about me and Chuck, that's what we do, and anyway we're just friends now”
Blair was now becoming insulted, how dare she asses her relationship with Chuck. She had no right to do that.
“You want to tell him that”
“You've got to be blind to not know that he's madly in love with you. Like I said I don't know what he's thinking.” Blair didn't answer she just sat with her head bent down and gazed down at the floor and kicked about the sand on the floor. Vanessa got up and began to walk away. “Well I think I'll go to bed now. I'm not liking this company”
Blair frowned as Vanessa walked away back into the café. For some reason Blair didn't feel like staying up anymore.
She made her way slowly up to her and Chuck's room trying to get the words Vanessa had said out of her mind.
She opened the door filled with rage, remembering what Chuck had done a few minutes ago.
“You are so not funny!”
“I think I am”
He answered from the bathroom as he brushed his teeth.
“I can not believe you left me out there!”
Blair slammed her purse down on the chair and fell onto her bed. That's one good thing about this Motel they had two single beds. No sharing.
“What still not friends?”
“Not even close! That Brooklyn bitch is crazy, you should have heard the things she said”
“Why what did she say?”
He stepped out of the bathroom and walked over to his bed wondering what had made Blair in such a bad mood, apart from him.
“You don't want to know. Just something stupid that doesn't matter”
That's what Blair truly believed, it didn't matter. It was stupid what Vanessa had said. Blair decided no to read more into it. After all this was Vanessa Abrams they were talking about, she knew nothing about Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.
“Well Goodnight Blair”
Chuck said putting the lights out. They were out like a light.
        The next morning Serena had called Lily to let her know what was happening and to let her know that some money would soon vanish from the bank to buy the new car. Lily understood and was perfectly fine. She asked about Chuck to make sure her step son was doing okay the same as she asked how Serena was doing, Chuck was just as important to her.
Just as Serena was in a nearby phone booth her cell phone rang and Dan answered it.
“Miss Van der Woodsen?”
“No but I'm glad my voice sounds so feminine to you southerners”
If only Dan knew who was on the other side of the phone he wouldn't have been so sarcastic, he had respect for the police.
“Dan! Yes this is Serena Van der Woodsen”
Serena arrived back just in time to take the phone off Dan and responded to her call.
“This is Officer Wilson it's about your van”
“Oh yes?”
“We've found it”
“You have!!”
Serena jumped up with excitement.
“Yeah it was abandoned on route 13”
“It was out of gas”
“Can you hold on a sec. Dan did you refill the Volkswagen?”
Serena held the phone down and nudged Dan.
“Ohh no”
He just remembered his error.
“You genius!”
Serena smiled and picked the phone up again. “Hello? Where is it now?”
“It's here at the station”
“Okay we'll be there as soon as. Thank you”
Serena hung up the phone and placed it in her pocket before going over to tell the others the great news. Not that Blair was going to take it well.
“So are you going to get the car today?”
Blair asked in a very enthusiastic tone. Shame Serena was going to bash her down.
“Kind of”
“What does that mean?”
Blair's tone changed, she soon became suspicious by Serena's mumbling voice.
“The police found the van... Yay!”
She giggled and pulled Dan in front of her in case Blair was going to attack her now she was so happy and that her mood was going to be downhill from here.
“Yeah they must have abandoned it cos it ran out of gas”
“So we can go get it?”
Vanessa answered also all enthused.
Serena smiled.
Nate said sharing in Serena's joy, not Vanessa. He didn't take his eyes off Serena the whole time. Vanessa was a blur to him.
“Yay?! What?! Can't we just leave it here and go get a lovely car?”
Blair smirked full of sarcasm.
They all yelled at once as Blair folded her arms and frowned at them like a little child who was not going to get their own way. She was going to have a bitch fit if things continued like this.
        They got walking to the police station again. Blair was trying her best to bond with Dan but he was alien to her, Chuck was walking along side them not taking any notice of their conversation just smoking away on his last cigarette. Vanessa had taken the lead and was way ahead of all the others. Leaving Serena and Nate at the back.
Serena tried to walk quicker so as not to be left alone with Nate but he was faster than he looked.
“Serena I think we need to talk about this”
He ran up beside her.
“Nothing to talk about Nate”
Serena smiled and waved at Dan who was mimicking trying to strangle Blair, she just pushed him over. That gave them another reason to argue.
“Okay just ignore it then”
Nate answered.
“Yes lets just forget it”
Serena agreed and grinned.
She stopped and turned to Nate.
“Look I'm happy with Dan okay, I don't want to ruin it again, the same as you don't want to ruin things with Vanessa”
Serena said as Nate looked totally uninterested.
“Maybe I do”
“Nate, listen to me. Us this thing that we have, had it's nothing okay. Just accept that”
Nate was about to respond when Dan's voice raised over all of theirs.
“Serena! Get your best friend to stop being such a bitch”
Blair punched his stomach.
Serena yelled running up to Dan and pushing Blair away from him before she did some serious damage, leaving Nate broken hearted. He was convinced Serena still loved him but he also knew that she was in love with Dan.
        They arrived at the station a few minutes after Nate and Serena's uncomfortable conversation. Serena signed the release documents for the Volkswagen and got handed the keys and they set off back on their journey.
It was late afternoon when the weather changed. It became cloudy and hail was starting to fall. The Volkswagen's heater didn't seem to be working either. They were all cold but they didn't half complain as much as Blair did. After about two hours of moaning they all switched off, Serena put the radio on which was surprising seeing as that was still working. Vanessa was driving and tried to contain her annoyance towards Blair and kept her eyes and concentration firmly on the road.
Nate and Dan were playing a computer game on the Nintendo DS. Nate tried to keep his mind off Serena and that Dan was his friend and he tried not to think of Serena, but it wasn't working.
Chuck saw that Blair was over exaggerating, moaning but he still thought he'd ask her how she was doing.
“Blair are you okay?”
She hardly moved but responded with anger and annoyance in her voice.
“I'm freezing”
He smirked and knew how to cheer her up. He reached into his holdall that was behind their seat in the back and pulled out his vintage, signature scarf and handed it to Blair.
“Aren't you going to be cold?”
As soon as he gave it to her she burst out laughing.
“I'll be fine. You need it more than I do”
“Wow Chuck Bass gave me his scarf”
She wrapped it around her neck and held onto the end tightly. Chuck looked worried when she said this,
“Oh it's just a loan. I want it back”
Blair giggled and thanked Chuck for his generosity before turning back to gave out of the window and onto the road.
        Everyone was asleep by the time they crossed the state border from Virginia into West Virginia. Nate and Chuck were asleep on the back seat and Serena lay with her head back next to Vanessa. Blair had moved to the front seat next to Dan who had taken over at the wheel. She thought now was the best time to talk to Dan
“Dan I need to ask you something”
“Oh God, should I be worried?”
“No I just need to ask someone who isn't Nate or Serena”
He suggested.
“It's about something Vanessa said. I need someone who doesn't see me like Serena and Nate do”
She had tried to get it out of her mind but it wasn't going anywhere.
“Okay shoot”
He said not realising what he was accepting. Blair turned around to make sure that all were asleep and they were not going to hear.
“Do you think Chuck loves me?”
Dan slammed down on the brakes as they reached their next gas stop. They stopped and went into the all night gas station. As they walked in Dan grabbed a few items before referring back to Blair's question.
“You chose to tell, me this!”
He was shocked.
“I know Serena and Nate will just lie, I need someone who wont lie”
“Honest opinion?”
He asked.
“Yes. Brutally honest”
She nodded throwing a few items into their basket.
“Yeah I do. Get some Oreos”
Dan got distracted when a buy one get one free of Oreos was on the shelf behind Blair.
“Oh God!”
Blair's face turned into distress.
“What Oreos are delicious. Serena doesn't like them either, you Upper East Siders are weird about your Oreos”
He frowned and started on one of his speeches that would go on for hours.
“I meant your answer”
“Not what you wanted to hear?”
He asked while throwing packets of Oreos into their basket.
“No I didn't want to hear that”
“Do you love him?”
Dan asked after filling up their basket.
“I don't know. But God does he annoy me, he stands there and makes fun of me with that smirk on his face I just want to kill him”
Dan grinned and answered.
“Yeah that's love Blair”
“Because I want to kill Chuck means I love him?”
“Oh yeah, trust me I could quite happily throw Serena into the Hudson but I love her and that's all that matters in the end”
Blair felt for once in her life guilt for someone she didn't even like. Dan was a good guy, Blair had never taken the time to notice him before he was just Serena's annoying boyfriend but he did talk a lot of sense and in many ways they were quite similar and from that moment she would never look at Dan the same, he had given her the answer she didn't want to hear but a part of her always knew was true. Now hiding the Serena and Nate secret was going to be much harder, now that Dan was her friend.


A/N: Sorry not to blow my own trumpet or nothing but I really think this is going so well so far I think this is my fave chapter so far, I think it's a million times better than AMLSL. God that really is just a load of crap, why did I even start it!! =/ Anyway I'm so hyped up writing this! Anyway I hope you all like it and that it makes you laugh cos that's one of my goals too but I've had some feedback saying it's funny so it's all good. Thanks so much for reading and please comment before you leave. Thank you so much xoxo
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