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Erza + Jellal = Wendy xD
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Possible! xD
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Well,because I am just a manga reader I will review from now on the chapters!!!! So lets begin with ch. 337:

Well,the cover isn't bad with all of the exceeds,I laughed at it first. but then it was soooooooo boring in the chapter. the dragons disappeared and Atlas Flame (he was my favorite dragon in the last chapters xD TT^TT) disappeared too. Too sad. and then F. Rogue: he told Natsu that Frosch will die but I don't think Frosch will die because the shadows disappeared around Rogue too. well I don't know if it's true. then F. Rogue disappeared. F. Lucy disappeared in the future too and I was...
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Funimation also revealed additional cast members for the Fairy Tail television anime series on Saturday. The additional cast, listed by Guild, are as follows:

Cait Shelter Guild Members
Wendy - Brittney Karbowski
Carla - Jad Saxton

Oracion Seis Guild Members
Cobra - Jarrod Greene
Brain - Philip Weber
Midnight - Micah Solusod
Angel - Lindsay Seidel
Racer - Jeff Plunk
Hoteye - Chris Cason

Blue Pegasus Guild Members
Ren - Christopher Wehkamp
Hibiki - Aaron Dismuke
Eve - Daniel Litwin
Ichiya - Chris Guerrero

Lamia Scale Guild Members
Jura - Kent Williams
Sherry - Trina Nishimura
Lyon - Jerry Jewell

Funimation has...
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Well,ya know that Gajeel and Natsu have got Duo Dragon Modes. I love both of them,although Gajeel's one is a bit scary at the first sight. I thought like "What the hell is this?" and I was scared of my beloved Iron Dragon Slayer. Yeah I am a Fangirl of Gajeel-and I think I am the only one who loves Gajeel. I give you some flashbacks what happened as they got the Duo Dragon Modes.

-Natsus Lightning Fire Dragon Mode-
Natsu got his Mode in the Grimoire Heart/Tenrou Island-Arc. Laxus appeared as Wendy,Lucy and Natsu fought Hades. That Mode is so awesome! Well,he used that three times so far.

-Gajeel's Iron Shadow Dragon Mode-
I was really scared of that Mode. Really,I thought he goes back to the dark side! Well,he got that Mode from Rogues shadows. "What salamander can do,I can it too",he said and swallowed the shadows! I was really scared of that mode,but it was awesome how Gajeel defeat rogue with it. Stupid that he uses just one time so far.
Natsu with Lightning Fire Mode.
Natsu with Lightning Fire Mode.
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