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Hades223 posted on Apr 27, 2011 at 05:19PM
Allright so i'm writing a book about dragons and i need some charecters. Help me out. Here's what you need to do.

Size:45 feet long, twebty feet tall.
Powers: Breathe fire, heal with breath. Magic.
Description: Dark green, with spikes on back. Blue eyes.

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over a year ago Belatrix said…
Color: Dark red body,black snout
Size:53 feet long, 21 feet tall
Powers:Flame breathe, ability to understand his owner
Descripion: Large red body with two big wings, emerald eyes and sharp black claws.
over a year ago OrihimeLuv said…
Size:25 ft long 19 ft tall
Powers:shoots water from mouth, healing abilities and can dissapear in water.
Description:Blue with purple spikes on tail and purple claws and eyes.Wings are yellow on the inside.
over a year ago Hades223 said…
very colrful Orihime. Belatrix It doesn't have an owner. Dragons are the main characters
over a year ago greghouseismine said…
Name; Bronx
Size; 125 ft long 119 ft tall
Colour; Red, black and dark blue
Powers; Psichic, spits acid, flamebreth
Description.; His legs are a red, then his body is black, then his head, tail and wings are dark blue. His eyes are normally white, but they change colour depending on his mood.
over a year ago Hades223 said…
That is REALLY big
over a year ago Fairstepshaven said…
Name: Vrivra
Size: 87 feet long, 57 feet tall
Color: red
Powers: fire, darkness, can transport and she can create a sonic boom sound.
Description: a more serpent-like dragon with vibrant red scales and curved spikes and claws. Eyes are deep amber but can turn jet black when angered. She also has red and white feathers among her spikes.
over a year ago secretmusician said…
Size:92 feet long 78 feet tall
Powers:black fire,transport,swim in earth and water,can blind and death enimies with roaring
Description:has a large desert bull mask,also shark teeth under the snout of the mask,eyes glow bright lavender in darkness,boned wings and tail,black claws,white scaly skin with a hint of purple,black tongue,spikes down the spine. :) meh dragon in other words the dragon i've made ....
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over a year ago greekgirlA said…
size:30'long10'tall ('is for feet rght?)
powers:frost breath,100x hake eyesight,invisible in snow or ice
lives:migrates from north pole tho south pole
description:silver,gold eyes,black talons,pearl teeth,frosty spikes,smooth ice-like scales,82ft wing span,and 5'neck,2'long head,10'tail.
over a year ago princessofmagic said…
heh heh heh....... *creepy smile* :)......... jk,jk...... Rowling lol

Name: Nimi
age: 327 (thats younge for a dragon right?)
Size: 30 ft. long, 22 ft tall-not including spikes that are a foot and a half long at most-, wings are 26 ft. long each
Description: scales are smooth and icy white and each scale is outlined in black- like you would outline your eye in eyeliner. Black claws and white spikes on my back that are tiped in black, white teeth even though I have a big appetite, and silver eyes.
Power: can breath fire, can breath a pousionus smoke that it deadly to humans but only knocks out a dragon, and can swim as fast as I can fly, wich is prety fast.
Area I live: in a cave outside a big wood in America.

incase you still need some carrecters....... but i dont what her to be the bad guy, if there is one, please....
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
I have many draconian friends. They are willing to help.
Name: Paarthurnax
Color: deep gold shot with gray
Size: 200ft long, 100ft tall at the shoulder
Power: he is King of all Dragons, thus he as all possible powers
Age: ten million years, the oldest dragon since the first king

Name: Nikrat
Color: translucent lavender
Size: rather small at 20ft long and 12ft high.
Power: she can judge the minds of any creatures. She finds who is good and who is evil
Description: she is not yet mature, but she already thinks of having eggs. Many males seek her. She likes humans, thinking that they are fun.
Age: not yet mature at 17. Dragons mature at twenty