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dargox posted on Aug 23, 2012 at 11:16PM
In this rp there are both dragons and humans live in the region called DRAGTOPICA by humans but a.k.a THE LAND OF FLAMES by the dragons clans who live there.

Now because of growing numbers of humens as well the story they tell, dragons are fear and are killed by humans if they are seen near a village, so dragons must use magic to hide in plan site by shape shifting into humans but there is one problem for dragon who shifting they must wear a magic stone that holds both of their forms and if their is lost, stolen, or broken, they will in their current form no matter what.
(1) no god modding.
(2) no killing other characters without asking the owner.
(3) must chose one of these powers types. Fire, water, earth, wind, light, or dark.
(4) u can be a human if u want.
(5) u can make up a human village for place set.
(6) no sues or stues!!
(7) if your dragon and lost your stone u must stay in the current form that u have chosen till u find or make a new one.
(8) please use this character info sheet.

Name: [human or dragon]
Age: [human: go by 1] [dragon: go by 200]
Race: [can make up one if it's a dragons]
Power type:
Descip or pic: [if a dragon must have both a human&dragon form]
Cave or house: [must be near or in the village u make up]
Clan name: [dragons only]
Other into:

(9) the last rule JUST HAVE FUN!!
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over a year ago dargox said…
(ok here's my chara)

Name: darkgo flameco.
Age: as a human 21/ as a dragon 600.
Gender: male.
Race: darkscorn but white in his human form.
Power type: fire
Descrip: a dark grey dragon with a blood red wings, tail tip, & snout horn. (human form: link)
Cave or house: live in a house near the horntail village.
Clan name: inferno snouts
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over a year ago iceandsummer said…
Name: Dark Flare
Age: As human= 20///// As a dragon 500
Gender: Female (i'm a girl, deal with it)
Power Type: Dark (but i'm not emo...... kinda)
Description: Black dragon with red eyes, spiked tail, ripped wings and gold horns.//// Black hair, still red eyes, white skin (actually, kinda pale), normal human-looking clothes.
Cave or House: Cave near Falkreach
Clan Name: Dark Storm