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dargox posted on Jul 28, 2012 at 02:41PM
Dragumi island is a dragon haven in the middle of the pacific ocean and protected by a magical barrier that masked the islands in a stationery hurricane, casted by the inhabiting humans of the islands to keep their beloved dragons from harm of the realty of outsiders.

No god modding
Magic allowed
Can play as a human or other mystical begin
Violence allowed
Sex allowed
Cursing allowed
No killing without permission
Play nice
Just have fun

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over a year ago dargox said…
Dragon info:

Name: Arcturox
Age: 15 in dragon years
Gender: male
Breed: ice dragon
Species name: glacier scales

Personality: Arcturox is a somewhat cocky ice dragon who loves to tick people off by pulling pranks but when it comes down to battles or threats against his friends, he becomes very focus and will use his cunning to protect those he care.

Appearance: (link)

Height: 15' 6"
Weight: 8 tons
Body size: Lean
Wing length: 30' 2"

Magic type: Ice & darkness
Abilities: Arcturox can see in the thickest blizzards, fly at sonic speeds, form ice at any climate and with the darkness ability, he can phase threw solids, blend into shadows, and can bring out a foe's worst fears just by a glare.
Rider: none

Bio: Arcturox was born from an abandon egg, raised by the dragon keeper of Dragax but even though he was raised in a human village, there's still haven't been even one human able to ride on him.
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