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I did say I was going to write Christmas related articles here, but I've been wanting to write this one for a while, but I've been putting it off because I thought that pretty much everyone had the same list, but after thinking about it some parts of the list can variate from person to person though I believe that most of you will agree with my top 5. Anyway this was by far the hardest list I've ever written, the top 5 where settled in stone, but the rest where really hard to place. I based this on many aspects, but mostly on if the princess has both her parents alive, one parent alive or is...
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Here's my ranking of Disney Prince, barring Prince Hans as he's the DP villain. Hope you'll find it entertaining.

11. Florian:
Apart from singing and showing courtesy and respect to a young maid of lower status, there's literally no interaction and no scenes to understand his personality. It was kind of creepy for me that he'd kiss a supposedly dead maiden. So yeah, he's the last in my list.

10. Naveen:
Spoiled rich brat who didn't even learn after plundering all the ancestoral wealth and thought of fixing it the easy way to find a rich girl to marry. Too flirtatious, too lazy, too laid-back...
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It is the month of October which, in reference to DPs, definitely makes me think of the villains! Since I enjoy themes, October will have a "Halloween, Autumn, or Villain" theme in most of my posts. This one is going with Halloween & Villains! I still cannot add any photos to these articles but I will be doing so as soon as possible. I only included the villains that I actually remember doing an "evil laugh" in their original film:

9. Governor Ratcliffe- Pocahontas: Not really an evil laugh, more of a "bad person" laugh. Not too scary.

8. Lady Tremaine- Cinderella: Although it's evil,...
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Last time I wrote about songs I thought suited Jasmine, today I'll write about songs I think suits Elsa, hope you'll like this article :)

link - Katy Perry
This song could suit most of the princesses, but I think it suits Elsa the best, reminds me a little bit of Let It Go

link - Britney Spears
Before Frozen was released I thought this song suited Mulan the best, but after Frozen came out I realised that this song suits Elsa even better, don't know exactly why though

link - Within Temptation
This song really suits Elsa, both the title and many of the lyrics

link - Nightwish
This one may suit her less...
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