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Baby Ariel
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My First Secret Reveal Ariel Doll
little mermaid
toddler ariel
baby ariel
child ariel
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The Rebel
The Rebel
I just gonna write random things that come to my mind when I talk about Jasmine, her qualities, flaws, significance and issues. I'll be doing this with all the princesses, by the way.

First of all, Jasmine is the smartest princess in my opinion. My definition of an intelligent person isn't someone who reads books but someone who's clever, inntuitive and a good problem solver. Jasmine's defining trait in terms of personality is that she's quickwitted. Like she said she's a fast learner and can think on her feet but also thinks things through. She was smart enough to go along with Aladdin's...
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Here's the first article for the Best Disney Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 55. Enjoy!

55. Ariel - rags

Yeah...rags... What more could I say...they definitely deserve to be at the bottom of the list!

this is one of the uglier ones, imo. - ppgbelle4

this isn't even an outfit. seriously, it needs to go -__- - pretty_angel92

we can't call this or Mulan's towel an outfit ! seriously ! - CuteDiana

I like Ariel's rags. It's one of her better outfits, and she knows how to work it. - VGfan30

It's just an old sail!! - random_camo

all of them arent too bad if you think about...
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