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Okay so I am an emotional mess right now so please forgive me if I have failed to organize my thoughts in a cognizant manner!
Ever since the day when Elena n Damon both lay on his bed awaiting for death to take him over, Elena giving a tender goodbye kiss and confessing that she likes him just way he is, have I waited for the three magic words. And today my heart attained content and peace.

Elena (4x10): ‘I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I am in love with him. Being with Damon makes me happy. Its unpredictable, I feel free.’

Elena is an extremely...
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At first glance, 3x16 might not look like a reason for celebration: DE only exchanged a brief, tense scene at the beginning, and Damon seemed to have regressed to his former, Mr. Mean Season One 'I should give a damn, but I don't' ways. Now, I'm fairly sure that ordinarily, half the DE fandom would be banging their heads against the wall right now, cursing the producers and staff writers for ensuring that Delena suffered yet another set-back after all the progress they'd made this season. But for all that, it has to be said that things look pretty hopeful at the moment. And how can they not...
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Thank you for writing me such a beautiful, kind email. Yes, I think epic is the word for the love Elena and Damon have for each other in Midnight. I mean, she completely destroys a moon for his sake. I wrote a lot about Damon and Elena—and Bonnie and Damon, too—to show that Damon is finally discovering his deepest feelings. In the case of Elena, they amount to three simple words that makes Stefan think that Elena no longer loves him. He thinks that she simply wants to be with Damon now—and after all she does, it’s hard to blame him.

But authors don’t go free of consequences....
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