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make your own KND operative.!  frosttakahashi 13 15451 over a year ago
KND rp  crash14 383 19289 over a year ago
Numhuh 3  annedew52887 2 3058 over a year ago
Numbah 3 and 4  Cookiepumpkin 6 3757 over a year ago
Tips and Tricks on how to beat all the levels in Operation: S.T.A.R.T.U.P.  sturmelle15 0 3567 over a year ago
Free for all KND RolePlay  Numbuh161 7 1428 over a year ago
BRING BACK KND!! =D  -Alohomora- 6 1366 over a year ago
guess the qoute  duncylovescourt 91 4419 over a year ago
Your Profile  taismo723 5 1432 over a year ago
fav charcter?  duncylovescourt 9 747 over a year ago
Whats your favorate episode?  kndluva 10 1509 over a year ago
what would happen if you were a knd with superpowers  crash14 3 822 over a year ago
Come here to join the KND on Animal Jam!  Numbuh161 0 1634 over a year ago
Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.  kndluva 9 1465 over a year ago
knd annagrams  duncylovescourt 33 2402 over a year ago
Operation Z.E.R.O  ilovesushi101 1 1192 over a year ago
operation beach  duncylovescourt 1 723 over a year ago
whos favorite is who?  duncylovescourt 3 1473 over a year ago
operation love  duncylovescourt 6 1001 over a year ago
abc game  duncylovescourt 29 4147 over a year ago
Operation: C.A.R.M.E.L.  kndluva 6 1936 over a year ago
Operation: P.O.O.L.  kndluva 7 1438 over a year ago
funniest/favorite villians  duncylovescourt 2 520 over a year ago
Questions  Numbuh22 3 1052 over a year ago
Let's make a KND Story.....TOGETHER!  taismo723 200 5684 over a year ago
Mushi Sanban  annedew52887 3 1056 over a year ago
favorite and funniest episodes  duncylovescourt 1 305 over a year ago
wallyxkuki moments  duncylovescourt 2 464 over a year ago
fav knd couples  duncylovescourt 4 774 over a year ago
what do you think of lizzie  duncylovescourt 5 844 over a year ago
funniest knd moments  duncylovescourt 10 1244 over a year ago
Role play!  DexandBloss 7 1146 over a year ago
ideas for article  duncylovescourt 2 599 over a year ago