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Blair's Bensoni Dress! From Witches of Brushwick  Camillej87 0 4242 over a year ago
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Banner & Icon & Motto.  monLOVEbrucas 46 4107 over a year ago
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*** Spot Update ***  x-Sophie-Jade-x 91 4197 over a year ago
Countdown to 5000 Fans  Mouraki 97 4970 over a year ago
Blair's Clothing  short_arse 6 21378 over a year ago
Vote for Blair!!!!  FamousCookie 0 1333 over a year ago
GG Blair Icons and Pictures Hunt (Promos)  Radvile 27 4454 over a year ago
how did blair waldorf deal with the ups and downs of life?  queenbeeme 0 1373 over a year ago
Favourite Episode????  antwnia13 3 966 over a year ago
Blair Quotes!!  Michellebob 6 1414 over a year ago
Blair's Outfits  antwnia13 2 4753 over a year ago
Why are you a fan?  jlhfan624 23 2502 over a year ago
I made a mistake:(  tatia 6 1667 over a year ago
What kind of scene would you like to see Blair?  gossip-girl999 1 920 over a year ago
Who made this spot?  DramaGeek 4 1249 over a year ago
Leighton Meester Movie  clover106 5 925 over a year ago
Who do you think Blair/Leighton resembles....I think...  PamHalpert454 4 1357 over a year ago