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Legendary posted on Jan 13, 2009 at 06:07PM
Welcome to our spot! If you borned 20.01-18.02 you are an AQUARIUS!!! And if you,than join us!!!
You can ask everything about Aquarius 'cuz i think i become professional of this subject!!
We are:
1.Strong-willed, stubborn, obstinate
2.Opinionated, conceited
3.Far-sighted, visionary, revolutionary
4.Original, innovative and inventive
5.Tolerant of other views, seeing both sides of the argument, unprejudiced and objective.Humane, humanitarian, altruistic
6.Idealistic, having high expectations
7.Friendly and sociable however may single-out to recharge their batteries.
8.Inconsistent, often shirking from personal commitment.Loyal in friendship.
9.Remote, detached and aloof, impersonal.
10.Unemotional, cold.GREENE
11.Devoted to their goals
12.Free-spirited, rebellious
13.May not reveal true feelings.
14.Independent and individualistic
15.Intelligent, intellectual, curious and seeking mental challenge.
16.Eccentric and unconventional.

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over a year ago isabell118 said…
conceited,and cold???ok then...
over a year ago xXcHiBiAnGeLXx said…
over a year ago greenchoco101 said…
That is so true, but im kinda prejudiced! O.o i gues si just developed it from the environment.
over a year ago waichingliu81 said…
two things i don't agree with- conceited and unemotional, because a) i don't consider myself conceited and b)i often can be an emotional person
over a year ago Legendary said…
big smile
yeah, you know, you don't have to be all of them!!:DD
over a year ago ArtemisDiana said…
I guess I can be a little cold sometimes, but only if I REALLY don't like you.