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Article by Amy Brantley

There are literally thousands of Alan Rickman fans, and why not? He’s a great actor, constantly supports charities, has a great accent, and to top it off he’s sexy. Alan Rickman is one of Britain’s finest actors. His acting ability is amazing, though you don’t see him in a lot of movies because he prefers to do plays. Alan Rickman is probably best known for his part as Snape in the Harry Potter movies, but he’s done other movies that are just as good, such a Die Hard and Robinhood: Prince of Thieves. With all those Alan Rickman fans out there,...
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Ah, the obligatory obsession page that seems to be on every Alan Rickman fanpage. Well, I got one too! Any contributions? Email them to me here. Anyway, you know you're obsessed with Alan Rickman when...

1. You try to act and dress like Snape, even though you're a girl.

2. Every time you start to type a word beginning with A or R, you accidentally type Alan or Rickman.

3. Spoons hold a special meaning for you.

4. All of your conversations manage to find their way to the topic of Alan.

5. You buy Die Hard 3 for the sole reason of owning a two second archive footage of Alan...
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Nice video from the movie
alan rickman
an awfully big adventure
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