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Doctor Who

is there any good way to watch season 7 online?

8 answers | my answer: try this; it may or may not still be up. www.tvids...
House M.D.

Did House really hire that hooker to just watch him sleep in "The Softer Side" or was it for her "services"?

11 answers | my answer: He never stated that she was a "hooker". House sai...
House M.D.

Was Kutner murdered or did he commit suicide?

6 answers | my answer: We dont know for sure as of yet. I believe the writ...
House M.D.

Does anyone know who is going to get fired in one of the first three episodes?

4 answers | my answer: Im guessing its 13...because I want to see Taub be ...
House M.D.

I am worried...

5 answers | my answer: I believe he is signed through season 8.
House M.D.


6 answers | my answer: Here's my take....and the only way I was able to sl...
House M.D.

how does house manage his pain now that he is not on vicodin ?

1 answer | my answer: They briefly mentioned, House mentioned to someone,...
House M.D.

Does anyone remember the episode where Wilson's hiding something from house and it ends up being hes going to lunch with Stacy?

2 answers | my answer: I think it was "Sports Medicine" First Season...Th...
House M.D.

Does anyone know the T.V ratings for house? (around the world not just the U.S)

3 answers | my answer: I read just the day before yesterday, that House ha...
House M.D.

Cameron decided in the end to get rid of her husbands sperm right?

5 answers | my answer: She SAID she would sign the papers, but Chase said ...