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Harry Potter

What is the best Harry Potter tribute video you have seen?

10 answers | my answer: This is just made of win...

Which one would you marry, who would u kiss, Who would u avoid? out of Sam Dean and Castiel?

35 answers | my answer: Kiss - Cas Marry - Dean Avoid - Sam (sorry sammy)...
Gossip Girl

when is gossip girl season 3 coming back in england thanmk you

3 answers | my answer: Here's hoping you find this in time or that you alr...
Gossip Girl

When does the second half of season three return to ITV2? England.

5 answers | my answer: this wednesday (10th) at 9:00 woop just 2 days af...

Post a picture of your favorite movie character and explain why you like them two props for every answer

15 answers | my answer: Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman) this film is amazing, as...

What song is stuck in your head right now?

248 answers | my answer: telephone - lady gaga probably because i went to...

What clubs have you got your dedicated fan in?

15 answers | my answer: 1 - Brittany (from glee) 2 - Gossip Girl 3 - Leig...

Do this and I'll become your fan and give you a prop! :)

4 answers | my answer: Playlist of my Life- Opening Credits: Don't Cha...

Have you ever tripped going up the stairs?

34 answers | my answer: yes at school there is a bit where there's a square...

have u ever thought there was one more step then there was?

2 answers | my answer: i've thought there was one less, does that count?? ...