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sunflower1234 said …
Hi! Do you still have link or pdf file of House md script Thunder roadtrip? Thanks! Posted over a year ago
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★ Thanks for the add back ^_^
& Nice to meet you ☆ Posted over a year ago
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Hello, Doctor Who fan. I envy you. You can watch Doctor Who at home. I can´t. You seem to be a graet Star Wars fan, too:-) Have a nice day. Posted over a year ago
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Hi! Nice to meet you :) Love your motto! Posted over a year ago
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :) Posted over a year ago
songohanssj2 said …
helloooooo! nice nice! you like the dark knight rises! NICE! i looove bane! he is EXTREMLY EPIC AS WELL AS 4 THE MOVIE!!!! i love the football stadium part!!! to be friends?!?! Posted over a year ago
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Hey! Nice to meet you :) Posted over a year ago
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Icon. <3 Posted over a year ago
solo1861 said about House M.D.
God. I found season 8 boring, and after "We Need the Eggs" I admit I'm glad it's the last season.
Patients are dull, the team is kinda useless and if they keep going with the House Dominica cr*p I might not even watch the last few episodes. Even House Wilson scenes weren't up to par... Posted over a year ago
londonsrock commented…
i hate to admit it but it but that is true over a year ago
ttechw11 commented…
you´re not alone, I feel in the same way, they can´t keep me interested on the cases anymore, House-Dominika relationship seems to me too forced , and I hate Parks, her voice, her hair....well in fact I hate everything about her, but I still love Hilson scenes... sometimes :P over a year ago
erectiondog commented…
It's sad that "House" is ending, all things must pass, I hope FOX won't replace it with another cheap to produce "reality" show! over a year ago
tardisgirl2001 said …
How do you get photos on your wall???! Posted over a year ago