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riyawoods said about Sawyer
The HOTTEST guy on Lost...with his sexy blonde hair, killer abs and super sweet dimples! And he was the best at coming up with nicknames for everybody... Posted over a year ago
riyawoods said about Lost
This is like, the BEST show ever aired on television!! I just wish Charlie wasnt dead. He was ADORABLE. They could've just killed Claire instead. Posted over a year ago
2772764 commented…
I WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM and when des said your goona die i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! CHARLIEEE NO but i can't say i would want claire dead though i mean she's a mother over a year ago
Selena Gomez is Gorgeous n Talented! WE LOVE U SELENA <3 Posted over a year ago
sellygomez15 commented…
thx over a year ago
riyawoods said about Outsourced
loved this show! Todd Dempsey is the hottest boss on earth! Posted over a year ago
awesomeselena commented…
totally agree.... over a year ago
the characters in the show are lovable and jim parsons is an AMAZING actor! smart is the new sexy! Posted over a year ago
_naiza commented…
<3333 over a year ago
confederation commented…
you said it over a year ago
riyawoods said about Friends
i love chandler!!! especially when he wears his glasses he looks yummyyy!!! Posted over a year ago
Piercesfan commented…
indeed! over a year ago
stealurboi commented…
right over a year ago
riyawoods said about The Silver Doe
awesome!! Posted over a year ago
riyawoods said about Community
Give me some more,
Time on a dream,
Give me the hope,
To run out of steam.
Somebody said,
It could be here,
We could be roped up,tied up.
Dead in a year.
I cant count the reasons i should stay,
One by one they all just fade away.
- Community Theme Song Lyrics Posted over a year ago
T_Box commented…
niceeee over a year ago
riyawoods commented…
thanx... over a year ago
riyawoods said about Pink (Color)
Pink is my best friend!! Posted over a year ago
riyawoods said about Dexter
dexter is so damn hot and i dont care if he's a serial killer he's an awesome guy to me Posted over a year ago