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Being a Woman

Is it okay to not have a boyfriend or even a crush on a boy at my age?

13 answers | my answer: well ur in highschool so yeah you can date. 14 idk...
Being a Woman

Is that normal?

7 answers | my answer: yes its normal i got my period the beginning of thi...
Being a Woman

have you ever had a girl crush?

10 answers | my answer: yes, well sort of, its this girl in school and she ...
Being a Woman

Is this normal?

4 answers | my answer: You don't look fat. you have a nice body shape:)
Michael Jackson

Do You Think your the Biggest MJ Fan?(:

6 answers | my answer: omg i really don't know i wanna be i feel like he's...
Michael Jackson

What You Like The Most About Michael Jackson?

10 answers | my answer: I LUVD mj because he"s great AND HOTT he"s a total ...
Michael Jackson

im getting freaked out help!

11 answers | my answer: wat r u talkin about old prople can be hott he was ...
Michael Jackson

Is this pic of Michael silly?

10 answers | my answer: a little but its cute
Michael Jackson

Send your favourite icon of MJ!This contest will be open until the 8/30/2010!The first winner will take 20 props,the second 15 props and the third 10 props. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

19 answers | my answer: hott
Michael Jackson

Doesn't it look like Mike peed his pants?

4 answers | my answer: he"s in the shade i guess and if he did pee his pan...