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post an anime character with a super cool outfit

23 answers | my answer: Haruhi suzumiya

What's your top 3 favorite songs by Beyonce?

20 answers | my answer: mines is: love on top,countdown,and upgrade wh...

Whats ur all time fav Eminem songz?? :)

25 answers | my answer: my fav are 1: rabbit run 2: i'm back 3: sing for...
Silver the Hedgehog

What would you do if silver asked you to marry him?

4 answers | my answer: if silver asked me to marry him.....YES YES NOTHING...
Nintendo 3DS

My Friend code 2277-6828-4470 my name is Teresa add me

6 answers | my answer: alright ,my F.C. is 4339-3389-0011 n my name is dot...
Nintendo 3DS

Who Has Sonic Generations??

2 answers | my answer: i have it too cant pass tropical resort either :/ ...
Nintendo 3DS

I need more people on my friend list can u add me?friend code:2363-6357-3364

2 answers | my answer: mines is: 4339-3389-0011 and my name is: silvia
Nintendo 3DS

My friend code is 2320-6923-7798

5 answers | my answer: mines is 4339-3389-0011 my name silvia and yes i h...
Bruno Mars

Can you please tell me Your Fav Bruno Mars's song and why that song?

13 answers | my answer: my favorite Bruno Mars is locked out of heaven,i ju...