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AlphaMoviestar said …
Hey do you still come online here? And do you remember me? Posted over a year ago
awsomegtax gave me props for my images
I see we have quite a few clubs in common. Love the Icon! Posted over a year ago
pikachuboltfan8 gave me props for my images
You are better when its about drawing bolt and violet. Posted over a year ago
boltrocks2233 said about Rio
What is the song that Janelle Monae sings in the rio 2 trailer? Posted over a year ago
pikachuboltfan8 said …
I just made a fan art for you and fanpop just og to my profile Posted over a year ago
cmcrazy gave me props for my images
cool Posted over a year ago
boltrocks2233 said about Disney's Bolt
well I'm stuck at my grandparents house so might as well get on fanpop, LOL! What's up guys?! Posted over a year ago
boltz commented…
Not bad at all boltie, yourself? over a year ago
boltrocks2233 said about Disney's Bolt
hello fanpop! sorry I was gone for so long, you didn't forget about me did you? Posted over a year ago
PatoAdmireBolt commented…
Ummm... who are you? and hello :) over a year ago
No1fanofBOLT commented…
Hello welcome back to Fanpop! :) (I really don't know you cuz I started in late 2012 but welcome back anyway!) over a year ago
no1BOLTfan commented…
Hey! Welcome back :D over a year ago
FinnishBoltfan1 commented…
Hello! over a year ago
AlphaMoviestar said …
hey im drawing pics of violet. would u like her in a certain pose or background or with someone like bolt or carter? Posted over a year ago
boltrocks2233 said about Disney's Bolt
well, no one wants to awnser me so, do you want me to tell the rest of bolt: dade patrol, or leave you guys hanging for forever Posted over a year ago
theJF commented…
Perhaps you should continue anyway, as it seems to me that you care alot about it, and your mind should be allowed to flourish in whatever medium you're good at. I've personally never read it, only because I believe it was posted before I started becoming active here on FanPop. I suppose I'll be willing to read it, that is if I have the time with college and stuff... :-) over a year ago
boltrocks2233 commented…
its just, i havent goten to the REALLY GOOD part yet, a lot happens that i think you guys would like over a year ago