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barbieboonchit said about Barbie Movies
So I have been watching Go Team Robert and it is obviously that they have divided magical mermaid mystery into 5 episodes in Go Team Robert.

And it is upset me why did they make magical mermaid mystery as a long-special ep in the first place? and it even lunched in some countries.
If they tend to separate it into 5 ep why would they make it make us feel like it will be new movie.
They even make a poster for magical mermaid mystery.
I am upset Mattle marketing strategy Posted 2 months ago
axinia_d commented…
100% agree. 2 months ago
Candywitch commented…
Season 4 was supposed to be different because it has story arcs. 1 month ago
Lifeisafairytal commented…
Story arcs? 1 month ago
barbieboonchit said about Barbie Movies
Barbie Dreamhouse adventures: Go Team Robert Season 1 Dowlaod Posted 2 months ago
axinia_d commented…
Thank you so much!! 2 months ago
barbieboonchit said about Barbie Movies
So what's about Barbie Dreamhouse adventures go team Robert?
It launched November 1st on Netflix.
There are no promo or teaser about them.
I think Mattle have some limited and strange marketing plan for Dreamhouse adventures.
Since magical mermaid mystery and now go team robert. It was released with limitation of religion.
Why can't them marketing these show with quality so global fans can access these entertainments.
Gosh!! I miss the old time Posted 2 months ago
FairyElina14 commented…
OMG I didnt know about this, is like they want Barbie to stay in the US only... or what? I couldn't watch Magical Mermaid Mystery.. 2 months ago
axinia_d commented…
I couldn't watch it too. This is so annoying. Don't they consider us as fans? Are we not part of the fan base? They shouldn't be surprised at the lack of popularity of the show because we are not even aware of it. 2 months ago
barbieboonchit commented…
right? 2 months ago