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we're officially in a brand-new decade now. let's see what the 2020s have in store for us.
i'm guessing it's gonna be another crazy 10-year period Posted 14 days ago
BeautifulKate commented…
I’m surprised this club is still running with all the drama that’s been going on in the club and franchise. 13 days ago
here are my reasons as to why this franchise failed horrifically:
1) Tom Kane
2) none of the staff or cast of the first movie ever coming back
3) constant and absolutely brutal butchering of every single aspect in each sequel
4) Crest shutting its doors and giving the rights to Splash
5) never giving a damn AT ALL about its audience and treating them like complete morons

the fucking list goes on and on and on... Posted 27 days ago
both the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss pilots are a blast to watch. if ya haven't seem 'em yet, go check 'em out on Vivziepop's channel Posted 1 month ago
SentinelPrime89 commented…
Loona is fine as fuck 😍😍 1 month ago
Imagine7197 commented…
True!?! Lmao 1 month ago
happy Thanksgiving y'all! Posted 1 month ago
well, this club is deader than a desert Posted 1 month ago
so both Chris Stuckmann and Jeremy Jahns didn't really like Frozen 2. especially Jeremy who called it "sequel-itus" :/ Posted 1 month ago
why the fuck are 3AM videos still a thing? who the hell is brain-dead enough to even watch A SECOND of these videos? Posted 2 months ago
Imagine7197 commented…
Better yet why the fuck is there a 3am?! Or A 6:30am! God! Who the fuck wants to get up at this Time?!?! Damn church....... 2 months ago
Kari_Love commented…
lol 1 month ago
NemesisPrime92 commented…
I'm at 4 every morning during the work week, and trucking down the road by 5:30. Haha 1 month ago
early reactions for Frozen 2 are calling it even better than the first one Posted 2 months ago
Imagine7197 commented…
Thats Not Saying much 2 months ago
SentinelPrime89 commented…
They also say it’s surprisingly dark. 2 months ago
well, this club is officially dead now
R.I.P Posted 2 months ago
RobyTheHardFan6 commented…
Not until I say so 2 months ago
Imagine7197 commented…
Yep. ✌ So long A&O Club! 2 months ago
NemesisPrime92 commented…
About time, this site is pretty much dead as a whole. 2 months ago
still can't believe FiM is over :( Posted 2 months ago
Imagine7197 commented…
Same. Every time i see someone Post fan art of Them From the final i get the Urge to cry D: idk why! Lol i never been this Emotional over a damn show. 2 months ago