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Can anybody please tell me on what island you can get swordfish? And sea horses? Moon fish? And Kaiserio(the black things that are like gold)? I need them Posted over a year ago
RinKagamine839 said about Teen Titans
They should've at least tried to persuade someone. Maybe they did try and couldn't do it. But I really hope that they'll come to their senses and start the show again. I'd like to know what happened with Beast Boy and Tera... If you know anything else about this subject please comment below.
Thanks! Posted over a year ago
RinKagamine839 said about Teen Titans
Teen Titans
I love Teen Titans, but there's one huge problem. The to be continued in the last episode is KILLING me. I've watched the series over and over but that last episode always frustrates me. I think the movie that they go to Japan came out after that but... Why make a movie instead of finishing the series? Then they made Teen Titans Go! after. The same voices, same people of course. But, why would they agree to make a less action-packed, less awesome show that's just joke-packed? Posted over a year ago
Shadow_Wolf commented…
I completely agree and it frustrates me also. I hate how they just left it like that. They need to at lest give us a little closure. over a year ago
RinKagamine839 said about The Lion King
Zazu: Nobody knows my sorrow...
Skar:Oh Zazu do lighten up, sing something with a little bounce in it.
Zazu: It's a small world after all...
Skar: No! No! Anything but that!

Turns out Skar feels the same way I do Posted over a year ago
Steven-Teresa said …
Thanks for adding me Posted over a year ago
RinKagamine839 said …
I dream't I was already in 7th grade and Jay was in 7th grade too. I kept staring at him and suddenly I said "Jay?' And he answered. I almost asked him about The Wanted but the bell rang. My school was in a mall. How crazy is that? I went around looking for him and I couldn't find him. Then suddenly it was like in a tv show, like when the character realizes something and you see what happens. It was like a ghost that had taken Jay's soul and was putting it inside a tomb. I started crying. Posted over a year ago
RinKagamine839 commented…
I had a very strange dream. Read it if you want over a year ago
RinKagamine839 said about The Wanted
I really hope your throat operation goes well and you heal soon! I hope you'll be okay and even if you probably won't ever read this I hope you'll be able to sing as amazingly as you used to. Posted over a year ago
Don't make these clubs! These things are what make Directioners and the fanmily fight. Like who you like and don't judge what other people like. A Directioner made this club that's for sure. I'm a Directioner, but I also like The Wanted and I don't like choosing sides. And also you should check this link if you have a few seconds. It'll take you to my wall, I want you to read something that I posted on my wall. It starts saying part 1 and there's another one that starts with part 2. Read it. Posted over a year ago
KayleighStarkid commented…
So true!!! The wanted has always been ,t favourite but I do LOVE one direction too!! I do think that it's unfair that all the pics are of 1D!!! :( over a year ago
RinKagamine839 commented…
So I say us directioners and members of the fanmily that aren't like that to stay out of fan drama over a year ago
RinKagamine839 said about Macklemore
Why does this club only have 44 fans? I mean seriously. He's perfect Posted over a year ago
big smile
RinKagamine839 said about Macklemore
Have you heard "Can't hold us"? It's epic. I'm listening to it right now. I'm afraid the replay button in YouTube might break... Posted over a year ago