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PureHeroine gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Exactly, I feel the same. I mean, if someone leaves you because they can't accept something about your mental health then it's not really a loss in my eyes.
And your blogs are so pretty! I'll look into them. And I love your drawings. I recently got an ipad pro and I try to draw (not very good at it still. But I'm trying lol)
What are your career paths? I love it when people know what they want to do in their lives, it's a hard decision for most people. Posted 3 days ago
PureHeroine commented…
And omg yayyy! I'm happy you like them too. I'm pretty much obsessed with this ship xD It's the most popular ship the the AoT franchise, but it does have its haters. I'm been somewhat harassed by two users here because of it. But I'll always love it, there's something about them together that I just can't get over, they're so adorable. 3 days ago
PureHeroine commented…
Sorry for the rant lol. I get excited when I talk about Ereri xD 3 days ago
PureHeroine gave me props for my comments
I used to be very shy about my problems. I have OCD that I've tried to hide for years because I was afraid people will shy away from me because of it, but then slowly I started to talk about it to people I was close to because I believed in them even if I was still a afraid.
Right now I'm open about my OCD to almost everyone and honestly no one has ever left or stopped talking to me because of it. Posted 4 days ago
PureHeroine commented…
I figured that if anyone ever will, that just means that they can't accept a very large aspect of my life and that means they're not worth my time xD 4 days ago
PureHeroine commented…
Can I see your tumblr? I have tumblr as well though mine is all for ereri, as you can see it's my obsession lmao~ But I'd like to see yours. 4 days ago
PureHeroine commented…
Tbh it'd be wonderful if you'd work at this field. You have a talent for this, I can tell it by your positivity and they open way you talk about it. I really admire this. 4 days ago
PureHeroine commented…
This is a very positive way to look at things! I'm trying to be more positive about myself as well, I've also been through some shit I shouldn't have to go through lol. I'm trying to learn to keep things in the past where they should be. You'll probably go to heaven I swaer lol. Thank you so much! 4 days ago
Riku114 said about Random
Ya know I post these on my Mental Health Blog but yall..

Just because you aren't behaving perfectly healthy, doesn't mean you aren't recovering. Recovery from anything mental health related has its high points and its low points. Slowly life will get better, and yes there will be moments of regression, moments of relapse, moments of failure, but recovery is a long progress.

Don't hate yourself or turn an eye from the care you deserve because of a set back. Posted 4 days ago
Riku114 commented…
Things will get better and all your hard work and struggle is not for naught. Keep it up. You got my support 4 days ago