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Michael Jackson

What is the most wise thing You think Mj has ever Said

4 answers | my answer: Mj said milion wise words which touched my heart an...
Michael Jackson

whos going to get that new mj cd ? who has already the Michael Jackson's VISION?

6 answers | my answer: probably I will buy both (CD for sure!!) but still ...
Michael Jackson

OMG look at this ahhhhh! i could not belive wat i saw!!!

11 answers | my answer: I don't like it at all...the face of this doll isn'...
Michael Jackson

Who Here Likes The History Era?

14 answers | my answer: It's my favourite MJ era!! Time of my childhood, ti...
Michael Jackson

Has anyone watched Living With Michael Jackson and what did you think of it?

21 answers | my answer: I watched it...I love Michael in it, he was natural...
Michael Jackson

I hate that f****** doctor!!!!!!!!

1 answer | my answer: This is sick. Murray have to be punished ! There is...
Michael Jackson

What type of women did Michael Jackson like ?

4 answers | my answer: [b]Here is one of Michael's quotes :)[/b] [i]"I ...
Michael Jackson

do u still miss mj? cuz i do :(

21 answers | my answer: There's no days go by not thinking about MJ. He wil...


10 answers | my answer: I miss her soo soo much. She was amazing, her songs...

was Aaliyah and Lisa Lopes(a.k.a)left eye was they friends?

8 answers | my answer: I have never read any article about their friendshi...