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The Beatles

Why do so many girls think that the Jonas brothers are better then The Beatles?

28 answers | my answer: there is no comparison, even a dumb, deaf and blind...

Who went to the anime expo this year? If you did, who did you go as?

2 answers | my answer: Drake Anderson of R.O.D, only a few people got who ...

Anyone know this character?

2 answers | my answer: this is Anime101, it's Asuka Langley Soryu from Eva...

Can someone tell me wich are your 3 favorite animes?

158 answers | my answer: in no specific order: 1. K-ON! 2. Elfen Lied 3...

Do you have a favorite anime opening?

35 answers | my answer: R.O.D the TV

Whats Ur fav anime?

37 answers | my answer: K-ON! & K-ON!!

'Anime' Yourself!

109 answers | my answer: Drake Anderson from R.O.D (minus the cap and bandag...

if you could bring any 5 anime characters on the face of this planet to life who would they be and why?

36 answers | my answer: only 5!? jeez...ok: 1. Akiyama Mio (K-ON!) 2. E...

Which anime you want to be the part of the anime?

22 answers | my answer: I would also choose K-On!. my name would be...........

What NON-Main stream anime would you suggest?

12 answers | my answer: "The Legend of Black Heaven" 13 Episodes, Killer so...