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Taylor Swift

Post a pic of taylor swift in purple dress..!!

26 answers | my answer: Here Is Mine...Its Not My Fav But One Of Them
The Jonas Brothers

What you think about Joe Jonas's new puppy "Winston" ?

2 answers | my answer: OMG!!!! He's soo cute i wish i was that dog so i co...
Miley Cyrus

do u like the old miley or yhe new miley?????

6 answers | my answer: Well I like Miley whatever sHe did to her self i me...
Miley Cyrus

*post pics of miley with guitar*

27 answers | my answer: Here Is Mine!!!
Miley Cyrus

Post the best pics of miley cyrus with a beautiful lipstick/lipcloss and anything else

18 answers | my answer: I luved this one!!!!!

What are you doing right now?

14 answers | my answer: looking at the computer screen

What was your breakfast today morning?

36 answers | my answer: i eat pancakes :P

TADADADAAAAAAAAA TADADAAADAAAAAA this is going to be soooo random!random random random random random!!!!are youuuuu reaaaaaaaady????

15 answers | my answer: Feet>?

first one who translates this to english gets 10 props

9 answers | my answer: You are the winner of ten props. (when you first an...

post something red, ill pick the best asnwer and give the winner props!!!!!!!!

23 answers | my answer: iluv this pic <3 maybe this color is brown but i s...