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GDragon612 gave me props for my polls
don`t say sorry
write back if ya have the time esh❤
how do you feel today and what is new?
I love funny and crazy friends
happiness and evilness hehe

haha this is so funny you thought Lion was a Girl XD
ma Baby Lion =D awww
you can call him simba tooo it`s his nickname *-*❤

have a nice day!!!❤ Posted 21 days ago
pinkbloom gave me props for my links
I could n't myself post things cause my internet connection was not there.
So i was not online. Posted 22 days ago
applebear123 gave me props for my links
oh no problem!! please dont worry about the late reply thing! and welcome!! ^^ ill take up ur permission for me to post stuffs in ur club! :)
woah we like the same serious... just curious...u watch animax right?!! and i might i watched like 75 series i guess! seriously i really love anime!! ^^ Posted 22 days ago
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Well, of course. We are fellows who have delved deep into the wonders of Female Love. It is only natural to consider you a Comrade, my Friend. I see. Sorry to know about that. I saw from your post in your Club that you had issues with your Internet Connection and that you are also focusing on your Exams. Hope everything is resolved soon and Good Luck on your studies. Do not worry. Keep it cool and give it your best !!!! Posted 22 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
If you feel like talking about these issues or other problems you might be facing in Life, please feel free to send me a message if you would like !!!! 22 days ago
Ishan-Ultra3 said about Ishan-Ultra3
I'm extremely sorry, guys. I haven't replied to you for awhile. Having some issues with internet connection. It's back only for an hour. It's because I didn't pay the bill this month. I will pay them when I get my salary of this month. Also, my exam is going I am under a lot stress. Hopefully, I will be back after 4th March. Missing you ya <3 Posted 23 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
I see. Sorry to know Man. It is alright. Make sure you focus on your studies. Don't let the pressure grind you down though. You will need to relax as well when you are able. I wish you Good Luck in your Exam, my Friend !!!! 22 days ago
Ishan-Ultra3 said about Random
Beer and Whisky are the worst enemies of man, but the man who runs away from his enemies is a coward. Posted 1 month ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Beer has always been a pretty good friend of mine though, my man !!!! 29 days ago
Queennatalie58 commented…
Hi haven't seen you in a while 26 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
^^ link 21 days ago
Ishan-Ultra3 said about Writing
I love writing or reading stories where the protagonist is a serial killer. Posted 1 month ago
applebear123 gave me props for my links
thank u so much ishan kun! :D u also seem to be an person with awesome personality! :D
i have tooo many favorites
my most will be inuyasha,sket dance, vampire knight ,clannad,fairy tail, attack on titan ,tokyo ghoul, blue exorcist etc............... well toooo many!!! :D

and ur favorite series? :)
and yup i joined ur club! :) Posted 1 month ago
GDragon612 gave me props for my images
esh your Humor is not so bad as you think ❤
awww thank you =D
not to thanks esh thats just the truth❤
omo chopper is so cute
yeah thats so good we love both alot same Animes
you can share whatever you love in my Club feel free ❤
I will post also in your Club from time to time esh(if I have the time)

thank you =D
hahahhahaha it`s a Boy not a Girl ^^
fam time= fav time =D Posted 1 month ago
pinkbloom gave me props for my answers
I am feeling extremely happy & proud to say that....
My exams
R finally over . Yay!
Yeppie Posted 1 month ago