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Enderking said …
huzzah a gamer like me Posted over a year ago
nidoqueen gave me props for my images
cool your a gamer so am i. Posted over a year ago
Feathershine said …
Um Gamer, u are already a leader in StormClan. Do u think u would be able to be PondClan's leader... Posted over a year ago
WarriorsFan98 gave me props for my polls
Thanks for advertising bro. Posted over a year ago
Please join Mountain Clan! A very active and big clan!! Posts every day, a lot of roleplay, and well.. just so much fun! Read in the description of of how to sign up! Posted over a year ago
WarriorsFan98 said …
you're the noob. ive been on way longer than u! Posted over a year ago
big smile
WarriorsFan98 said …
You realize that you can have more than one thing on the favorites? Posted over a year ago
Gamer4Life97 commented…
NAAAWWWWWWWWWW over a year ago
WarriorsFan98 commented…
ok dont start with me man. i was the one who showed you fanpop in the first place! over a year ago
Gamer4Life97 commented…
:3 over a year ago
There should be a Black Ops 2 Posted over a year ago
tecdude2000 commented…
yes i totaly agree with you over a year ago
Woods FTW!! Posted over a year ago