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linda_kenya gave me props for my images
hi fellow delena fan Posted over a year ago
i think elena should be with damon.he makes her life balance.when she was dating stefen all she did was worring. but damon manages to put a smile on her face one way or the other.n stefen usually smles when he's with caroline, im not saying that they should be togeather, i mean tyler is great for her but still people should be with someone who can make them smile, if they are grumpy,and if they are not at all responsible they should be with someone who is really serious (like damon n elena). Posted over a year ago
Ayo1992 commented…
is there anyone who has read the book?because if they put stefen and elena back togeatherim soo gonna stop watching the series -_- over a year ago
Vampirefan10 commented…
I read the book and Stefan and Elena do end up together thanks to the original writer being fired which pissed a lot of people off. The good news is that the show and book are very different and I don't think Stelena are getting back together for a long time. over a year ago
linda_kenya commented…
delena = YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! stelena = booooooooooooo over a year ago