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I see. I know there's nothing I can do about the situation itself, but, as it escalates, I will be here for you. On a lighter note, how are things as of now despite that? Posted 4 months ago
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Ah, I completely understand. I'm really sorry if I sounded ignorant; I'm just not very knowledgeable on memory-based illness. Thank you for explaining this to me. I was aware that there was no definitive cure and that all one can do is try to slow symptoms rather than outright stop them, but your grandfather's motives were not initially to my understanding. I get it now. I also hope you didn't think I was targeting him. I was confused by the thought at first, but I am not judging him. Posted 4 months ago
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Does your grandfather actually care for her? And does she actually wanna get better? Does she even realize she is ill? Sorry to interrogate you, I just wanna understand the full situation, yk? :) And thanks for understanding in regards to my late replies! I have noticed you aren't one to post things. Fanpop is more about meeting people than posting stuff to rack up gold, after all. But I feel posting stuff is a good way to meet others. Plus I feel accomplished when I reach a new gold milestone. Posted 4 months ago
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Sorry for the hella late reply! It's a lengthy and largely anticlimactic story. I understand. I have been to several different psychologists and psychiatrists, and I have dealt with many instances where the ones I grew attached to got relocated or outright let go from the business without my immediate knowledge. I don't think that comment sounds bad, necessarily. Posted 4 months ago
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If she's receiving as much treatment as she needs or will accept, there's nothing you could do to help her anyway. It's not like you hate her guts or anything. And yeah, I sure did :) I change it all periodically out of sheer boredom. 4 months ago
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now you get a prop for answering the quosten ( I know I spelt that wrong)… name offur top 5 fav songs! Posted 4 months ago
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thanks dude 4 months ago
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no songs by the way 4 months ago
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Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday 😊 I don't mind that it was late 💕 Posted 4 months ago
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That happens a lot. Sometimes patients don't notice things about their condition that others find obvious, and vice versa. I'm glad it doesn't bother you, I never saw an issue with dosage increases either. I was just like cool. It's good that you're seeking therapy. It's hard to find a therapist whose talents align with your personal needs and traumas, but it really pays off once you've got one. Have you ever had therapy before? And while we're at it, how are you today? Posted 4 months ago
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For real, don't make a habit of that! Nothing wrong with needing a little extra help. I take so many that I know how it feels. And it really does help a lot. I'm not addicted or anything ofc, but I really do need my prescriptions to get me through the day. Now I seldom have ideations. And I have a therapist, it helps a lot, even if it's just occasional. I don't need to see her more than monthly, but my rate of visitation fluctuates depending on my current situation. Posted 4 months ago
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I take seven pills daily, so I definitely understand the struggles of keeping up with a regular psychiatrist, but I will never be as messy about it as you! XD You'd best not make a habit of that! Now I'm a little worried lol. Oof. Be sure to keep up with your meds, even if it is a hassle. What do you take meds for? Posted 5 months ago
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Lol much appreciated. If you don't mind my asking, why are you going? Checkup? Posted 5 months ago