The team trooped out of their mountain as the time for fireworks came closer. Their mentors had given them the day off seeing as how it was Independence day and some of the League members had not yet returned. Most of the others had decided to watch from the top of their home minus Connor who decided to stay inside due to his superhearing. Cassie decided to sit on the grass rather than join everyone else. The night was cool and she wanted to be alone. So much had happened since she had joined and with Diana off somewhere, Cassie felt a little alone. Besides, it might do her some good. She hadn't heard or seen Robin come over, so when he touched her shoulder, she jerked away.
“Sorry,” he apologized when she saw his face.
“It's okay. I just thought you were with the others.”
He shook his head with a smile that she returned. It was quiet for a few minutes before he spoke.
“How are you?”
“I'm okay.”
He tilted his head at her and she hoped the darkness his her blush.
“It's just hard to have Diana gone.”
He nodded his understanding. They talked a little longer, mostly about how things were going and even things that annoyed them. They heard the first fireworks go off and looked up. She was aware of how close he was standing, of their hands brushing every now and then. Then they were holding hands as fireworks lit the sky. They were holding hands. Tim felt a rush of electricity move from her, up his arm, and straight into his heart. He could feel her shift closer. The fireworks sounded, but they seemed far off compared to the sudden realization of what was happening.
He loved her. And he figured by the blush on her beautiful face she felt even a little bit of the same way. Of course, that thought made his heart pound furiously. He hadn't realized he was staring at her during the fireworks until she looked at him. He heard a small noise come from her and he smiled warmly at her. He leaned closer, their lips brushing with gentle tenderness. They pulled away, the spark from the kiss lingering between them. She was the one, he knew she was. It was that steady beacon in his life, the one thing that never changed. And if he didn't tell her now, he may never get another chance.
Her words were cut off as he pressed his lips back to hers for a proper, longer kiss. She had felt the spark this time, stronger than before. And she gave in to the strong, loving emotion inside. She gave him all her love, saying it through their kiss. She fit in his arms so well and he in hers it was hard to think anyone could ever fill them. Her heart thungered as his tongue tasted her lips and she slipped hers out to meet his. The fireworks raged on, but they were oblivious. With no sign of stopping, they kissed even as the others cheered on the finale of the fireworks high in the sky above.