Never Alone part II- Stakeout

SilverWings kept her eyes trained on the warehouse. It was blazing hot, and she had long abandoned her leather jacket, hiding it in the tall grasses. Her eyes flickered to her partner, who squatted patiently in the weeds, keeping eyes on their target.
Silver sighed, frustrated by the empty silence, "Looks abandoned."
"Another dead-end?" Thirteen wondered.
"Gordon Tin, third name on the list," Silver said. "This is the address from the data-base." She felt her spirit dampen. The first two names on the list had led to empty apartments. She was certain she had memorized the names on the Key's list correctly, and Thirteen swore he had looked thoroughly into each one, giving Silver it in a beige envelope for her to look over. It was hidden beneath her bed at the cave.
"No harm in taking a look," Thirteen said in attempt to reawaken his partner's enthusiasm. The list of names was their only lead to Daemian, Silver's older brother. If they proved useless, there was no obvious evidence to point them in the right direction.
Thirteen stood from his crouch and crept around the sand dune, keeping low in the weeds. SliverWings followed closely behind. They sprinted from their cover until they reached the building.
It was exactly what you would expect an abandoned warehouse to look like: four rotting-wood walls, a slanted roof that looked like it would cave in with a strong gust of wind,high windows eight feet off the ground.
"It doesn't look like any one's set foot in this place for years," Thirteen observed. "Silver," he turned to his partner.
She was gazing at the canal that ran next to the warehouse. It was musty with dirt, carrying the debris passed the banks and out to the Pacific ocean. Her eyes were trained an the shrubbery on the bank.
Looking closer, Thirteen saw a skiff floating in the weeds. Its hull was rusted and most of the white outer-coat of paint was chipped away. It was covered by woodland netting, keeping it hidden.
"Help me up." Thirteen turned back to the warehouse to see his partner standing beneath a window. He obeyed, knowing better than to argue. He knelt and clamped his hands together to form a foot hold. SilverWings stepped into them and grasp the window. Using her elbow, she cracked the glass and busted through it. Silver then hoisted herself onto the window ledge.
Balancing on her perch, she looked around the interior of the warehouse. The other windows her made translucent by the dust dirt that had built up over time, allowing very little light into the shelter. Her eyes roamed over the dust, dirt, and shadows, stopping at the pilled crates in the back corner.
"All clear," SilverWings reported. She reached down, grasped Thirteen's hand, and helped him keep his balance as he leaped onto the perch. His eyes wandered across the interior, then looked to Silver. They nodded to each other and dropped into the warehouse.
Without a word or signal, they moved in unison toward the crates.