The intruder alarm sounded, causing all the heroes to race to the mission room. Jade stood there, awaiting them.
“What are you doing in here?” Artemis asked.
“I know you kicked me out. But please accept Becca. She needs this place.”
“Why'd she hide then?”
“It is true that Becca works for a secret operation. But she is on a mission to save your lives. I used to work there as well. I resigned.”
“What about Becca?”
“She refuses. Her determination to save your lives is stronger than her pain. For now. But the minute her objective is gone, Becca will go back to being...a criminal. Her mentor was a criminal. It is the only accepting life she knows. Please take Becca back. She needs this place.”
Jade looked at each of them in turn. She kept her glance on Robin.
“Becca needs you. After everything she's sacrificed, are you going to let her get away because of one misunderstanding? The files Becca needed were files on criminals, not you. If anything, Becca saved you. Those files are wanted by the Blade.”
“What's the Blade?”
“A secret organization. Taking the weakest and making them the strongest. Alternating the weakest gene to become the strongest. No matter what the need. And these warriors will not stop until they get those files. In fact, the Blade was said to be spotted five miles from Happy Harbor.”
Just then, an urgent cry from Becca's com link came through.
“Young Justice? Come in Young Justice...Fine. I need help...Running...Attackers...Help...”
Becca screamed and then the line went dead.

Becca was running so fast, she was getting sick. She had been on her way to Gotham, hoping for the chance to see Batman and explain. But she'd been stopped. Five people, all male, all dressed in ninja clothing, had landed in front of her path. And had wrecked her bike. The leader had ordered her to give him the files. But Becca had refused. So, now, she was running for her life and trying to not be ill. I hate this! Where's YJ when I need them most?! Becca pulled out her com link and spoke into it.
“Young Justice? Come in Young Justice...Fine. I need help...Running...Attackers...Help...”
Becca was pushed to the ground, steel at her throat. She let out a scream, hoping they had gotten her message. A foot stomped on her com unit, cutting communications off.
“Rebecca Stevens I presume?”
Becca glared at the man above her.
“The Leader wants to see you.”
“Not on my life.”
“Let's put it this way, Becca. Either you go see the Leader and do as he wants.”
“Or I get to do whatever I want with you.”
“You're sick and twisted, Salva. Your mind has never seen the light of day and it never will.”
“True. But I'm not the one who should be worrying. Either your freedom, Becca, or your body.”
“...If I accept, what happens to Young Justice?”
“They are only pawns in this game. You are the prize.”
“Perv. You need a good cleansing.”
“Are you offering your services?”
“No. I'm saying...I'll see him.”
Salva smiled in her direction, a truly evil smile.