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Chapter Four

    Gracie popped the tap of a can of Sprite and settled back on her perch against the shop’s counter. Nate’s long legs peeked out from underneath his Jeep.
“ Hand me that wrench, please.” he called. Gracie absentmindedly plunked the wrench in his hand.
“ Ouch.” Nate yelped.
“ Sorry.” Gracie apologized.
“ What’s wrong, Grace?” Nate’s face emerged from under the Jeep, dirt smudges looking adorable on his face. Gracie grinned at the sight of him, then sobered at what he had said.
“ Nothing really. Just nervous about the show I guess.” She...
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Chapter One

People think that being beautiful will make their lives better. They think that one day they will wake up and Poof! Things will be perfect. But that’s not the case. Not everyone likes you for it. It doesn’t make you a more populate person. Girls hate you for it. The ones who claim to be your friends, aren’t. They just want to be associated with your face. Inside, they are still jealous and still wonder why they couldn’t have looked like you. And the boys, well, they just want you for your body. Not once have I ever had a boy tell me I was nice. Never have they told me,...
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Chapter Nineteen

“How are you holding up, sweetheart?” Damien turned do he could see her from the drivers seat. Glory’s hand drifted up to touch her cheek, feeling the now scabbed over scratch.
“ How do you think I’m doing?” She snapped.
“ I’ll take that as a good.” He chuckled as he glanced in the rear view mirror to check if anyone was behind them.
“ Do you think you could tell him to lay down or something?” Glory glared at Collin, still in Tiger form, sitting on the seat next to her.
Damien’s laugh echoed around the car.
“ Collin, you better shift in case we do get...
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Brace yourself... this is a long one guys! SORRY! but im getting it where i want it to be!!

Chapter Three

    Gracie slammed her locker shut with enough force to knock the wall down.
“ Do you smell that? I think I smell horse.”
A group behind her twittered in laughter. Gracie whirled around. Just like she had expected, Tirzah and her crowd of followers stood there.
“ What do you want?” Gracie snapped. Tirzah’s heavily made up blue eyes narrowed and she stalked a few steps closer.
“ Deylin told us about your little barn your family runs. And how much you suck at...
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Luv this band they r the GREATEST.!!!=) Listen plss and comment if u like.!! :D
Not much to say... Hope you guys like it! :)

Chapter Eighteen

     Glory’s relief was short lived. She watched in horror as Lupe and Roslyn’s bodies froze in the air and then went flying across the room. They both landed with a crash against the wall. Lupe came up snarling before getting frozen again.
Damien had shifted back to human form. “ Down dog.”
He smirked and Lupe dropped to the floor, growling. Roslyn jumped up, obviously trying for the element of surprise, but she only got a couple feet before Damien had her pinned against the wall with his mind. Where...
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ok, first of all, dont be hating Deylin at the end of this... YES he does seem like a jerk.. but dont worry! i have a plan.... ;)
Oh and those who read J_B's amazing fanfics, you will notice that the horses ARE the same horses she uses.. dont worry.. i asked her, and Concho really is my horse, so its cool...lol
OK! hope you guys enjoy!
and J_B, i changed Piper, so i would be COPY COPYING you...lol.

Chapter Two

    Gracie flipped out her cell phone and called her mom.
Ten minutes later she was at the barn.
“Gracie? Do you want to talk about what happened?” Julie Evans looked...
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Well darn.. i didnt want to start this, and now that i have, it didnt turn out the way i wanted it to... But i PROMISE the next chapter will be better... Let me know what you think!
Oh, and just a little helper... You pronounce Tirzah: Tear-zah..
Hope you guys like it even though its not the best... :(

“Watch it, Loser,” Jeremiah Case shouldered Graceanne Evans out of the way as the three most popular guys of the school paraded down the hallway. Gracie stumbled and would have fallen if her best friend had not been walking beside her.
“ You’re a jerk!” Camera Phillips shouted at Jeremiah...
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Chapter Seventeen

    Glory choked back another scream as the tiger appeared through the window a moment later. There was no doubt about it. These were the same felines from the school and the woods.
It’s deep brown eyes peered at her as it lower itself into a sitting position. Glory jerked her eyes back to the cheetah. It was quickly taking on a human form. A few seconds later, a man stood where the cheetah was crouched moments before.
“ You.” Glory’s voice was barely a whisper. The man, who really looked like a teenager around her own age, grinned at her.
“ Yes...
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Thanks everyone for the support!! Chapter Fifteen was a featured Article!!! AHHH!!!

Chapter Sixteen

    Glory climbed out of the car hesitantly. Just like she figured, as soon as she appeared, her mom came flying out of the house.
“ Glory!” Nicole threw her arms around Glory. “Oh honey! I was so worried about you!”
Glory squeezed her mom tight, glad to be back where everything seemed normal. But she took one look at the Montez’s and Lupe’s face, and she knew nothing would ever be normal again.
“ Honey, where have...
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