WWE Kiss, Hug and Slap Game

angelrose111 posted on Jul 06, 2013 at 01:11PM
name three wrestler that you would Kiss, Hug and Slap and give three more for the next person.

Kiss - Randy Orton
Hug - Shane
Slap - Aj Lee

HBK, Torrie, Triple H

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over a year ago LostPB said…
Kiss - HBK
Hug - Triple H
Slap - Torrie

Dolph Ziggler,AJ Lee,Big E Langston
over a year ago TDI_Angel said…
Kiss - Dolph Ziggler
Hug- AJ Lee
Slap- Big E. Langston

Dean Ambrose, Santino Marella, Kaitlyn
over a year ago LostPB said…
Kiss - Dean Ambrose
Hug - Santino Marella
Slap - Kaitlyn

Vince McMahon,Stephanie McMahon,Triple H
over a year ago angelrose111 said…
Kiss - Triple H
Hug - Stephanie
Slap - Vince

John Cena, The Rock, Kaitlyn
over a year ago LostPB said…
Kiss - The Rock
Hug - Kaitlyn (Than spear her,ha ha)
Slap - John Cena

Randy Orton,Daniel Bryan,Big Show
over a year ago 666demon said…
Kiss Randy
Hug Bryan
Slap Show

Kane(cooperate version) Undertaker(American badass version) Rock
over a year ago angelrose111 said…
Kiss - Rock
Hug - Undertaker
Slap - Kane

Roman Reigns, Nikki, Seth Rollins
over a year ago shikamaru2102 said…
kiss aj lee
hug nicki bella
slap kevin owens
over a year ago Nostariel510 said…
Um, Okay. Kiss, Slap or Hug?

Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel... AKA (Social Outcasts)